Luc Bernard (Eternity's Child) quits video games

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Thoughts? I haven’t played Eternity’s Child (which he promises to keep updating on steam, and with a demo out soon), but the very bad pub it got kind of rubbed me the wrong way. Seemed like a game that just needed a patch or two to iron some things out and it would be ok. Is it worth the 5 bucks to say goodbye to Luc? Hell, I had a bad Wendy’s meal today for 5 bucks.

Who the hell is Luc Bernard and why would I give some thin skinned frenchman five bucks to continue developing a video game I never heard of before but just looked up and was called “the worst game I ever played”? Sounds like his leaving the industry is a good thing all around to me.

I’d rather have the happy meal. It comes with a toy. Bon Voyage, Luc.

That is kinda lame…

Yeah. I played it. I can’t say I’ll miss him much if he was going to poop out more games like that.

And this is the type of shit attitude that propagates the stereotype that gamers sound and look like 14 year old boys.

It is really good to stomp all over independent developers who seem very enthused about updating their games constantly.
This is how you make a better games industry, by completely obliterating a new games-developer. It was the first game they made, and by all means it is not terrible. It is not “great” but it is not horrible. He makes an original (albeit not particularly well designed) game, and he is shat upon.

Now, it should be said, that you have to be able to take criticism, especially if you are someone who makes entertainment for public consumption, but this games backlash is to an almost disgusting degree.

It costs 5 dollars. 5 bucks. Indiana Jones wasn’t very good, and it cost me 9 dollars, but you don’t see me calling it the “worst movie I have seen in years”

I still wonder why people hate Dennis Dylack for no reason and Uwe Boll, I don’t think if people realize the psychological things it can do to people.

I think this guy might be a little too sensitive.

I took pause while reading that line… and decided to filter it out.

I believe it with completely incoherent statements like this:


Anyway, I admit I haven’t played Benard’s game, but the impressions here weren’t good. I feel for the guy, but his post comes off as nothing more than sour grapes because his game didn’t turn out well. I mean, what did he expect to happen?

Oh, please. Spare me the histronics about the poor, put-upon indie game dev. A lot of indie guys have awesome first games that manage to not be complete trash.

I didn’t say it was the worst game ever, but there is no way in Hell it was worth $5. I’ve played better flash games for free.

Did he get savaged in the forums and press? Yeah, probably, but I can’t feel too sorry for him when basic Linerider was a more engaging and bug-free experience.

Are you guys kidding me?! I don’t agree with all Luc said in his blog, but some of this stuff is exactly what he was talking about. Why can’t we support/encourage guys like this to make better games instead of tearing them down??

I assume he was being sarcastic…

People are trying as hard as the possibly can to encourage him to improve! They support him making a far better game or getting a day job. I guess the moral of this story is that people on the internet are mean? I’m sorry this guy had to become an alcoholic over it. </serious business>

If he was, then I apologize.

…the press can really destroy you morally, too much stress (kind of made me ill and become a alcoholic)
…It’s been great, it’s been good, well maybe not great or good lol, trolls have won :)
…People love to hate for no reason, and well I’ve got enough problems in my personal life to do another game after Eternity’s Child.
…This is mainly also because I am entirely independent so it is hard to be able to pay the bills at the end of the month etc…

This guy has the type of melodramatic attitude that is going to ensure he gives up in whatever endeavors he has in life. He makes a bad game, it gets trashed in reviews, and he can’t handle the stress. Instead of picking himself up and trying to remain positive, he’s let the anonymous troll community and the press get to him, AND gets addicted to alcohol in the process.

Oh well, good riddance. At least, unlike Uwe Boll, he stopped before becoming too big of a joke.

Please do. By all means, tell Luc to make a better game next time. I’ve got no issues with that sentiment.

My issue is that he tried to sell a fundamentally bad game to the public and then got hurt when the reaction was overwhelmingly negative. Any layperson can play Eternity’s Child and realize that it just isn’t good enough to charge for. It would’ve been a fine exercise to post it somewhere for free and ask for feedback, but since he had the audacity to ask for money, he got skewered.

Not only that, but he seems to think Dylack and Boll are hated for no reason.

So, with his manner of thinking, his game is also getting trashed for no reason.

Also, just wait until the dredge of the internet gaming barrel (that’s Kotaku) picks up this story.

And you thought the fireworks at the olympics were impressive…

(I rocked that first post LOLZ!!11!)

That didn’t take long. I think calling Kotaku the dredge of the internet is a little harsh though.