Lucasfilm Games - Star Wars gaming's new home is thrilled to reveal that Lucasfilm Games is now the official identity for all gaming titles from Lucasfilm, a name that encompasses the company’s rich catalog of video games and its eye toward the future.

Wait, does this include the Star Wars games that EA is making?

I look forward to the sequels to Yoda Stories and Masters at Teras Kasi.

Yes it does.

developed in collaboration with the finest studios across the industry.

What I wouldn’t give for a an HD version of this and Indiana Jones and His Desktop Adventures.

I for one am shocked there’s no “Yoda teaches Yoga” class available anywhere. George Lucas, you could make a million dollars!

Feel the burn, you will!

I actually would enjoy that very much.

I demand an updated version of Night Shift!


How about a new Habitat for QuantumLink?

You guys. You guys are my people.

I’ve been pretty surprised that it never was recreated by EA or Take2 as a mobile game. 10 turns a day are free. Each turn after that is 40 Lucasbits, 1000 Lucasbits for $1.00.

Call me Lucasflim Games. I’ve got ideas for you.

Yoda Stories

Stories of The Child (coming soon)


I actually feel like those games presaged Spelunky and Binding of Isaac. Let’s pitch them in the vein of those extremely generous games instead of pulling a Plants vs Zombies 2!

I’m not super into Mandalorian, but it would be perfect for this kind of game, actually. THAT’S what someone should pitch!

Rescue on Fractalus 2 or GTFO

With the city-builder renaissance, it would a great time for a revival of Afterlife.

Lucasarts seems to be doing a lot of rebranding these days. This and the new High Republic line of storytelling does seem rather interesting, though. Its a fun universe, and one I don’t mind more of.

Huh, so since Machine Games will be part of MS as soon as the Bethesda deal is finalized, will this get a day one Game Pass release? That would be cool.

This is a weird one, because presumably LucasFilm signed that contract with the purpose of selling a lot of copies on PlayStation as well.

I imagine this is another one where MS will honor the contract.