Lucifer #75, the series ends

Most underrated comic going these days, just about, and it’s all wrapping in a few more months.

I signed a book deal with Wildside Press in 2002 for a collection of annotations to the series after getting Mike involved, and…three-hundred pages in, it’s going to be awhile before we see daylight. Let’s just say Mike’s theoretical lexicon’s right up there with Gaiman’s (which I realize will mean various things to various people–do be gentle). And now, for your viewing pleasure, I’ll risk the wrath of the admin by posting an external link–presto!

Mike’s official site. And not to be overly pimpish, but DC’s done a pretty swell job collecting things in $15 trades, nine so far, and two to go/close.

You’re that Matt Peckham? I really like the official site.

I’m a big fan of Lucifer and Mike Carey. I picked up the first trade on a whim, mostly because I’d been working on a story about Lucifer myself and was curious. Within two months I had bought all the trades published at that point and bought all the monthlies I needed to catch up. Carey has done some really amazing, thoughtful stories, and it’s sad to see the series end.

You’re right. Lucifer is very underrated. I look forward to new issues of Lucifer each month even more than Fables, Y: the Last Man, Powers, Ex Machina or anything else on my pull list. Perhaps it’s my natural interest in the philosophical and religious subject matter, but Carey just has skills.