Lucky Hank (AMC+)


Liked the pilot a lot, mostly because I tend to be a cynical asshole myself.

I didn’t even know of this thing’s existence. An academic dramedy about a college prof and department politics? Awesome!

Just watched the pilot tonight because my Tivo recorded it as a thing related to Better Call Saul somehow. Loved it to death. So cool to see Odenkirk in something different, and I had missed Mireille Enos (formerly of The Killing).

The scene where the rebellious English department inadvertently votes for our hero to be the department chair again was perfectly done.

No one else watching this but me and @Sonoftgb ?

While I hadn’t heard of the show, I had heard of Straight Man, the “campus novel” it’s based on, which came out in the late '90s.


I thought it was fine, quite the slow burn but also extremely low stakes. It was going to be tough for anything to follow BCS for him.

Yep, I posted about it in the “In this Thread we’re going to…” thread, and cited the “There are dozens of us” meme.

It’s a real shame. I really liked it, and it was nice to see Odenkirk in something where his character’s life isn’t in danger. Also I’ve always totally crushed on Mireille Enos since her turn on The Killing. Strong acting all around, from the supporting cast as well: Suzanne Cryer, Kyle McLaughlan (sp?), etc.

Wait, was his life not in danger during the “I’m boxing a goose” episode?

I enjoyed Lucky Hand and am sad to see 1 season is all we get.