Lucky Number Slevin

Saw this today, highly recommended. Really good all around.

I want to see this.

I like ham.

When I see this trailer all I think is the same scenario taking place:

So I ask to the guy next to me to wake me up when Liu gets naked, and then I lazily drift into the opening sequence. Sometime later on I find myself gently waking up to the credits rolling across the screen. “What a waste of $11 for one ticket,” I grumble. The guy next to me says, “Come on, lets go back home to the Lucy-bots.”

I saw it this weekend. I’m not really crazy about this movie. It was servicable, but perhaps that fact that I guessed what was going on shortly after a flashback early on in the film made me go unduly hard on the film. A review I agree with heartily is the one at the NYtimes website. The movie is heavily influenced by pulp fiction, but its much to clinical in its delivery to invoke the same level of passionate glee that pulp fiction incites. Its very similar in some ways, but one prime different is the motiviations of the characters in the film. Also, at one point in the film i thought the tone changed fairly abruptly, which was somewhat jarring. Personal note also, (yet another) film where the white guy snags the asian girl. I’m going to fully own up to my personal bias here, but still, a middling film in my opinion. I’d rather have seen V for Vendetta again than see this.


I found the movie overly smug at the beginning, overly bleak at the end. With, as has been mentioned, a very awkward transition between the former tone and the latter.

I saw this again just now. Come on guys, it’s so awesome.

“So… I guess no one ever taught you not to use the word you’re defining in the definition?”

It’s a movie that’s not nearly as good as the movies it tries to ape.

It’s not a bad movie, and it definitely has its moments, but it suffers from trying way too hard (Impromptu dialogue that’s way too witty to be natural, etc). But it was quirky enough that I don’t regret seeing it.

Personal note also, (yet another) film where the white guy snags the asian girl.

Other than Shanghai Noon, has Lucy Liu ever been in anything with another Asian actor? Hard to avoid the situation when most films are limited to the one token Asian. Stick two in the leads and all of a sudden you’ve gone from mainstream to special interest.

A lot of people who don’t like this movie seem to bring this up, usually in comparison to Tarantino (which I assume is what KMD is talking about). But for my money, most of the lines in this movie registered as “clever,” and most of the supposedly clever lines in Tarantino movies register as “overwritten.” Pulp Fiction mostly excepted.

Uh, Kill Bill?

Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang had banter easily twice as clever as Lucky Number Slevin’s. And a more interesting plot, to boot.

Payback also, although the rest of the orientals are just generic triad henchmen