Lum spotted in Centralia, WA

I stopped for lunch on my drive to Portland last week in the small town of Centralia, Washington and believe I discovered where Lum lives:

There’s a major street in Carson City, NV called “Koontz Blvd”. I have intended to take a picture of it every time I’ve been there, but I keep forgetting.

Did you also drive through Vader and see Sleater-Kinney?

I-5 goes past those exits. As a kid, I always thought it would be pretty awesome to live in a town called Vader. Then I got old enough to realize Vader wasn’t much more than a collection of retirement “communities” that were really just a bunch of trailer parks.

Gee, that’s some serious ego, Lum! At least it’s not a whole ZIP code :)

There are a couple streets out in the 'burbs in Richmond named Corum and Tanelorn. They have to be named after Michael Moorcock’s creations but I’ve got no idea by whom or why. They’re both part of a small established development. But how cool to have a street address of Tanelorn? The city of heroes? And no Elric Lane?

You’re on MY STREET, bitches.

Melnibone Boulevard!

how bizarre, that’s the road I would drive to get to I-5 from my parent’s house! Reminds me of coming upon this completely context-less sign while driving through Iceland. I mean, I know she would be around there somewhere, but still…

Apparently Iceland is undergoing some governmental turmoil right now, so maybe she’s already staking out her new nation-state.

Oh sure, Lum gets a nice sign, what do I get? A hippy-dippy Grocery Store and UNREMITTING HORROR.

i grew up on that very lum road, from ages 0 to 3. i shit you not. quit freaking me out!

Hm. Centralia, WA? I would have guessed Centralia, PA :)

But yeah, that would be pretty cool, to live on Tanelorn street.

wow, all roads lead to Centralia, I guess. Who knew?!?

I’m completely shocked at the number of people on this board that have ties to Centralia. Or maybe a better word would be “terrified.”

Drive through Vader all the time, went to school (North Thurston High) basically on Sleater-Kinney.

And played High School football against the Centralia Bearcats (or Wildcats…Bearcats I think).

There are other school’s who have the mascot of a Bearcat? Christ, I thought we were the only one. Its the most obscure animal ever.

Björk in Swedish, and possibly in Icelandic to as the languages are close, mean birch. So I think the sign imight just be pointing to the small copse of birches next to it. The icelandic are not generally noted for their mental dexterity so these helpful signs have been put up to facilitate their daily lives, they are pretty common around the iceland.

actually, you are referring to our evil twin-city rivals, the Chehalis Bearcats. We were the Tigers.