Lum spotted in Centralia, WA

Ah Sweet Gibbering Yalping Jesus, you are right. Played both of em.

i was an adna pirate. :(

Perhaps we need to have a QT3 Chehalis get-together? After the floods receed, of course.


I need to find my picture taken in front of Lloyd’s of London…

I really do have a street named after me, but that’s just because my dad designed the industrial park it’s in when I was little. I should check it out and see if it’s aged any better than I have.

So, Rimbo’s a wart on the flaccid penis that is the Scandinavian peninsula.

It’s better than me, besides the booming metropolis (pop. 526) of Skippers Virgina, I also have a small town near the North Carolina coast, Skipper’s Corner (pop. 1500.)