Lumines 2 track listing

But I can SEE the bar, so why do I need the music again?

Rez is a nice everything, poopeater.

(You eat poop.)

All music games have cues. Knowing the music in Lumines allows you to predict when it’s gonna come next. And Rez had tepid, dull and unimaginative gameplay. It’s a watered down version of a too-simple-already Saturn tech demo rail shooter.

Star Guitar had the best video. Go Gondry!



You like Rez. I win.

Fair enough, I do play Rez.

You win.

But you eat poop.

Purely conjecture. You like Rez, make-believe me eating poop, and make-believe you have played Lumines. Of course, I actually have played Lumines - so that makes me a loser too. :(

I have played Lumines, it was the only actual PSP game that didnt suck until hotshots came out. It’s a good puzzle game.

It doesnt need music though.

Enjoy the poop.

Darkstalkers was pretty good. Was Burnout Legends before or after Hot Shots? Not that I thought Hot Shots was good. Not that I’ve played Hot Shots.

hotshots was before burnout, I think. It was before I got burnout and is about 99% as awesome as burnout.

I have played Lumines. It’s a good falling-block game, but overhyped. The music doesn’t have any impact on the gameplay. You get sound effects that change on each level to match the music, which is nifty but not dramatic. The game length is completely unsuited for a portable system–I can easily keep a single game going for an hour, which is just insane. There’s no real metagame of unlockable content, other than progressing to higher levels.

In contrast, Meteos is superb. Games take only a few minutes. There are lots of unlockables–getting to the end of the different Star Trips, buying things with “captured” Meteos, and so on. And the multiplayer is excellent.

I initially preferred Lumines, but Meteos is the one that has had longevity for me.

I never could pick one over the other. Meteos absolutely wins out on the multiplayer front because COME ON, it’s the fucking Serious Sam of puzzle games, but singleplayer? Meh, I’d only give it a whirl if I want a quick adrenaline rush. Otherwise I’d go with Lumines, easily.

And my only problem with Lumines’ length is that you can’t save. I still don’t understand why they didn’t allow that. If they insist on keeping the level of difficulty intact, that’s easily done IMO - just have the game delete the save once it’s loaded, much like Nethack. But I almost never get to dedicate 1 1/2+ hours to the game in one fell swoop, and since my PSP is also my portable MP3 player, I hate the fact that I have to give up any progress I’ve made in the game if I want to go back to playing music while at work or whatever.

Hollaback Girl? Are you kidding me?

The hell? The only explanation I can think of is that they want the game to bomb, so they can move the team to Florida…

Yeah, Lumines needed a save - and no ridiculous score cap - and Meteos needed a decent endless mode that could last more than 5 minutes at a time.