Luminous Arc

Anyone else pick this up? I did and had been loving it up until I was about 9-10 hours into it, at which point the difficultly skyrocketed into batshit insane territory. I’m stuck at a 1v1 battle that’s worse than the 1v1 Wiegraf battle was in FF Tactics. Otherwise it’s been a great game, but I’m really frustrated with it right now.

What the hell, go back to playing WAR so us folks won’t get mad at you for wasting every possible second you could be playing it!! :D

The middling reviews for this title vs my love for D&D and the well reviewed Jeanne have made my “must buy all tactics games” rule fall to the way side for now. Still, even a decidedly average tactics game means I will probably love it, so keep your opinions coming.

I like em difficult too, but can you do random/free battles to level up your characters or is it strictly a linear campaign?

There are random battles that you can do.

There are random battles but there’s a wierd balance to it, where combat oriented characters level faster than support characters when you’re fighting stuff harder than you, but support characters level faster when you’re going against easy kills. The problem is that there really aren’t random battles - there are generic encounters that are the same mobs in the same positions every time.

My problem is that I have run into a 1v1 battle against a character that has about 50% more HP than me, hits about 300% harder than me (with the best gear I can buy) and starts with 2 flash drives - which are things you get when you kill an enemy that enable super powered attacks. So far the best I’ve done is take about 100 of his 450 hitpoints off him, while going through all of my potion-equivalents.

And if you’re pissed at me taking time away from the WAR beta, I won’t tell you how much time I spent playing Bioshock in the last week…

As far as I know, this is the case in all of the other good tactics games, including FFT and Jeanne D’Arc. In both cases, you get more xp for hitting higher-level monsters, while support characters typically get 10xp (in a 100-per-level system) for each heal/buff.

JDA makes the issue even more pronounced, as a kill can be worth up to 100xp (a full level), which is way more than other games of its sort. But to compensate, your ‘healers’ are usually still pretty darn competant in terms of dealing damage, and can cash in on those boosts if handed a finishing blow.

In FFT, didn’t support characters get XP based on the level of the guy they were buffing? Don’t remember how Tactics Ogre did it.

Yes. So a low leveled character could be quick levelled by alternating hitting/healing your highest level guy.

I realize it’s not uncommon in the genre, it’s just extremely pronounced - landing the killing blow on an enemy a few levels higher than the character can net 80+ experience, while killing one a few levels lower nets only 6. Healing or buffing an ally - even if they are at full health - always nets 30 experience. This has lead to some rather silly healing-orgies as I put off finishing off the last enemy so that I can milk the encounter of more experience.

Picked it up, and I’ve been enjoying it so far, although it’s starting to lose a bit of it’s shine. I just got to chapter 13, and the battles are pretty easy, to say the least.

I’ll have to admit - some of the things about the game that make it easy, also make it fun:

  • Gaining a level restores all of your health and mana. It can be used strategically, landing a blow to keep a key player alive. Often, it just means a free hit of mana for even more spells.

  • No death penalty. A character doesn’t have to make it to the end of the battle to get XP or skills. And if they die, they’re ready for the next battle without needing to be raised, or doing anything on your part.

  • All health/mana restored at the end of a battle. I don’t think I’ve ever used any potions.

  • Crazy levelling. As people mentioned, any support class can get 30% of the XP they need to level each turn.

Still, it’s been sort of fun, and I’ll probably finish it. There’s supposed to be some extra hard dungeon in New Game+ mode, so perhaps that’s where all the challenge is. But it’s scratching the SRPG I have right now, so I don’t mind.

Yeah, but again, I did this in FFT.

The specifics may be different, but the meta-points seem to apply to all games of the genre. Frankly, I’m not entirely convinced it’s a bad thing. After all, killing a badass guy should yield more xp than healing a teammate, and healing a teammate should yield more xp than hitting a trivially easy enemy.

The only suggestions I can think of that might (or might not) fix the problem would be to:
a) standardize xp, either giving a flat bonus for actions, or granting them along some other axis than relative level of target
b) stop giving bonuses, especially huge ones, for kills. More powerup guys are already more likely to get the kills, and giving them the lion’s share of xp just compounds the problem and widens the gap. Besides, why should dealing the last 30 damage be rewarded any more than the first 30 damage?

Crater, you’re about to hit the difficulty turning point. Be advised. :)

Does it get better at that point?

I’m only in maybe chapter 5. It’s not a bad game, but I already find myself pining for a more complicated mechanism like FFT’s job system. And the conversations? Dear sweet mother and heaven will these people shut the f*ck up and let me get back to playing the game? The plot sucks and the cutscenes are driving me crazy.

Heh. The plot gets better. Well, I thought so anyway. The problem is that the difficulty went from a 4 to an 11 on the 1-10 scale around chapter 15 or so (I think that’s the one I’m on).

Yeah, I’ve tried the battle in chapter 14 a couple of times and gotten completely ripped. Before that I was breezing through the fights. The one in ch 14 has so much area damage I don’t know what to do.

Lokust, I know you are ahead of me, but have you tried using the FP tonics in the fight you were referring to?

I’ve enjoyed the story enough that I want to see what is going to happen next, though I wouldn’t nominate it for a Pulitzer.

I tried it, but you only get Alph… so it means that I’m putting all my eggs in one basket solely to hope that the paralyze effect from his FD procs…which is at something like a 30% proc rate if I recall. Then, since I used the FP tonic instead of a potion, the enemy does his own FD to me for about 240 damage.

I’m trying to experiment with accessories and such, no luck though. I think I may be reduced to farming for item crafting components and trying to put +speed on everything so that I can just win through getting more turns, and thus be able to both use potions AND attack…

As far as the chapter 14 battle goes, I found it was a lot easier once I did the same thing - farm crafting materials, buy the best gear for everyone, and imbue it.

It also sucks that your best source of silence (Leon) is your best source of DPS. When I finally won the battle I moved all my guys to the right hand side, and most of the enemy shifted that way. Then I moved them all to the left so I could deal with just 2 of the elemental thingies, then the witch, then the rest of the stuff. I sent the melee/nature witch on the right hand side to keep the stuff there tied up because she has good hitpoints. She died but she bought me enough time for my plan to work.

Now… get ready for the really sucky part… you have ANOTHER battle immediately after that, almost has hard, with no chance to save in between. I won it, with 3 characters still alive. If I had lost I would have been ready to throw my DS I think…

The one I’m stuck on is immediately after that.

Ech, sounds bad.
I’m a hardcore casual gamer, meaning I play a lot, but I’m not in any sense uber.

I enjoy a game I can progress through and have a sense of accomplishment while experiencing a story. Beating my head against a wall? Not so much. This may, especially given the massive number of DS titles on the way in which I have interest, cause me to put it down. Even so, I won’t mind, as I’ve really enjoyed it thus far. Still, when games become work, they tend to lose my interest.

I’m finding it a lot easier as I’m understanding the game mechanics more. Basically, imbuing +attack on basically everything you can makes the hard battles a lot less so. And if I can let my inner emo out for a minute, I honestly think the romance story between Alph and Lucia is really cute.

Ya in the harder 1v1 battle, I gave Alph a +25 attack Item, and a +15 speed item. I also grinded on the encounter before that a couple times to that Id lvl from 33-34 during the 1v1 fight.

Edit: And what the hells up with Pollon, his attacks always miss, and even when I use the right opposing elemental attack it still does barely any damage. Does he get better, or is he the token Japanese furry character that sucks forever? “He dosnt have to do good damage! We’ll just give him big balls and a funny canadian accent!”

Well, the difficulty definitely ramped up in chapter 14, but it wasn’t a show stopper. Each of the Kopin-thingies was a real pain in the ass. I took all my healers and pretty much chain-healed the folks in front.

The other thing that was useful was not moving my troops unless I needed to. It definitely helped get my healers another turn sooner.

The only thing I’m a little lost on so far is the vitae imbuing. Pretty much every item I try to make doesn’t work, and it’s really expensive to identify all of them!