Lunar Flight Goes to Mars! [Video]

The Mars update is now available the game is also on sale on Steam for %75 off!

Here’s the release trailer, You can watch it it beautiful 720p HD >HERE<

Hi guys,

I’ve been working on adding a ‘Mars’ update to Lunar Flight.

This video demonstrates what the atmospheric environment effects will be like. It includes Scene Cloud Layers that can be flown through, Dust Storms with wind direction, Sky gradient colour matched fog. I’m quite pleased with the way its turned out. Dust Storms will be dynamic with varying levels of intensity, higher winds will create crosswind drifts in the physics.

This test was done using the existing Canyons map and a specific unique Mars terrain has yet to be created. The Lunar Module has maximum upgrades. Due to the increased gravity and atmospheric drag constants, 85% Standard base level thrust is required to lift off. This comes down to %39 with the Level 3 Thrust Upgrade.

Nice timing man!

WOW!!! Very awesome! Is there an ETA?

Also… any chance you might do a version for the moon Titan around Saturn? or maybe one for Venus? Both have very unique atmospheres and topography that varies quite a bit from the the norm. For the Venus one, you could make the probe weigh a massive amount and line it with lead or tungsten.

Of course my favorites would be Enceladus or Europa as they are snow and ice covered respectively, but they have little to no atmosphere so it would be more of a graphical scenery swap as opposed to a new experience. But still it would be gorgeous. Especiallyt snowy Enceladus with Saturn in the background - maybe you could have the lander’s goal be to land deep in one of Enceladus’s ice volcanos :)

We’re aiming for the 27th of August, so in 10 days… :)

Other moons or planets could be possible and fun but they may come as paid DLC.

The atmospheric effects are pretty sweet.

Paid DLC is the only way to go. You’re a tiny team and deserve the money for the extra work.

Great news! Its been a while since Ive played some LF.

I second the DLC notion. Put together some maps featuring some of the solar systems landable surfaces and I’m buying.

I have to say I was never tempted by the moon one but this looks pretty great.



Why haven’t I seen this before?! Purchased!

Thanks guys, I have a release date now which you can see in the updated image in the OP. We’re aiming for the 26th which is only a few days away.

I got Lunar Lander in a bundle. Please allow me to pay you more money with DLC.

Thanks guys I’ll keep that in mind, in the mean time here’s some more development work. Here’s the 6x6 kilometres of terrain you’ll get to fly over.

Is that based off real terrain on Mars?

No it’s not from real terrain data, this is an artistic impression based off a lot of inspiration from real renders of Mars terrain data.

There are some good ones here:

This is a good one: Planet Mars HD

Here’s another little teaser…

I’ve added the release trailer in the original post, but here it is again…

You can watch it it beautiful 720p HD >HERE<

The Mars update is now available the game is also on sale on Steam for %75 off!