Lunch of Kong


The one, the only Roger Wong, I believe.
You can run from the stripper stories Roger, but you can`t hide.

I’m confused.

Lunch of Kong ate Roger Wong?

Or Wong ate Kong for lunch.

Quick, someone do a Search and see if Roger ever made a “YOU COWARDS WON’T EVEN USE YOUR REAL NAMES TO POST WITH” post.

That’s what happens when you find out a link to you on QT3 is like #3 or #4 on Google’s hitlist while in the process of looking for a new job. :)

Mine was number 1 and I share the name of the producer of the Thin Red Line.

I don’t know what you all are talking about, so I’m going to get this thread back on topic:

edit: or maybe not, stupid wikipedia.

Very good!

Never post anything online that you wouldn’t say to your boss or a potential employer.

Local news taught me that.

The problem of course is that bosses and potential employers differ so much. Trying not to say anything offensive to any potential employer bring in a serious reduction in scope in the topics one can discuss. I know my current employer would have a good laugh if they saw some of my QT3 rants on various topics but not otherwise care. If I ever go job hunting though I’ll probably have to take the Bullhajj/Lunch of Kong route.

The transition is laid bare in the Sheybogan thread.

In the interest of national security, I thought trying to disassociate myself from you low-life hot-tub scum would be a responsible thing to do.

You wuss.

I don’t understand. Why’d he change it?

Maybe he’s trying for a security clearance and doesn’t want to be associated with silly gamers.

Yeah but if you google “Roger Wong” one of the top hits is the “Lunch of Kong” QT3 profile, so unless it’s a particularly inept national security agency* I don’t see how this pulls the wool over their eyes.

*Granted, I am not ruling this out.

That’s just because Google thinks it still says R.W., in its own cached copy, but you get the updated version when you visit.

Of course, there’ll still be a lot of [ quote ] sections that’ll be left unchanged…