Lurker thread

I don’t “Twitch”. Too spammy and advertisey.

actually that is why that popped he has a twich account I am gonna try to go over.

oh cool. is he doing the new Villains one? I looked at that just a few minutes ago and considered it, Love playing Lego games with my kids.

And, Tom is doing Twitch now? Cool! Guess I can find the link somewhere around here…

A thorough 15 second search has turned up nothing, just live streaming and a you tube link on the front page. Tell him to update that in chat, so I can find him.

I lurked for a couple of years, mainly reading Tom’s reviews at first, but then noticed that the forum frequently discussed interesting games that don’t get much press anywhere else and seemed pretty chill and mature for a videogame forum. (No that I follow many other gaming sources nowadays aside from occasional glances at PC Gamer and Kotaku.) Another thing I like about Qt3 is the esoteric, borderline unhelpful thread titles, with the Trails in the Sky one clearly being the best.

I admit that the main reason I held off joining for a time was being too lazy to go through registration.

Good to see you Diss. Glad the thread grabbed you. BTW You played DQXI? That is an excellent game in the vein of Trails.

I confess that I’m not usually a big fan of JRPGs, but I have been playing DQXI and am enjoying it, so I think I’m coming around. I did play a Trails game and liked it for about 20 hours or so before losing interest (which is typical for me), but really I just like how uninformative its Qt3 thread title is: Excellent classic JRPG on Steam NOW, $16.99

A perfectly reasonable choice.

Unlike Voyager.

Pish! Voyager is great (at times) and like all other trek it sucks camel balls at other times. I loved Janeway as a captain, and loved her as a prison mom in OITNB.

But I agree, the last two, three seasons of DS9 are classic.

I dunno Schurim… I used to think highly of ye…

Neelix lover!

Lurker thread got approximately 9 or 10 out of the closet! Consider it a sorta welcome home.

Chime in when you can. I suspect the more the merrier. Plus Tom has these funny streams 3 days a week on Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 9 est. I usually just click on that YouTube button on the front page but … it was twitch only last Friday and I am still not sure how I got in.

(LK am I in trouble for calling Tom’s YouTube streams funny? )

Its ok to find his streams funny. As long as you don’t assume Tom is having F-U-N while playing a game. Unless its a fishing game, Mad Max, or Guild Wars 2.

Zombies. The game could physically, literally involve eating cat poop. But if it has Zombies in it, @tomchick will at least praise it’s “potential”.


He is a bit unique I guess – but that’s why we are all here! Though he SEEMS to have fun in some games …(AC/Ody last week for example). Maybe I take his appreciation for a game’s “attributes” as fun?

I am thinking AC:Ody is gonna be Tom’s GOTY. ;)

Less cars and punks and more Kassandra and Greek open world.

(that was Mad Max vs AC:Ody)

Otherwise similar.

PM and LK? I just tried adding you to what I am using as my steam account as a “friends”. Awkward I am sure. Don’t look at my Fallout 4 hours. I promise I was at work.

Voyager had that one great season ending Borg moment. With that other race. That was very good, Other than that no one on that ship aside from janaway was worth an airlock push.

Oh, I have tons of fun streaming with you guys! But I kind of painted myself into a corner by complaining that the word “fun” is of no value in a critical discussion, because it means different things to different people. When I call something “fun”, that arguably says more about me than whatever I’m talking about. Not terribly helpful in a review or analysis or smarty-pants critique.

Yeah, I was thinking that, too, until something else happened that I’ll be able to talk about later in the week.


Might that be something involving horses and six-shooters?

As long as I am allowed to say anything here I will bump this thread. Lurkers come over and comment!

(might be a short time so I’d say you better hurry up)

Plus I saw Tom have fun in Call of Juarez tonight. He must of shot 45 guys in the head. Kinda bloody…