Lurker thread

(I wonder how many lurkers there are…I bet a huge ton…

a bunch more that we think I bet…

Lurking is the best way to enjoy a forum.

Let me say this as far as lurkers are concerned. Tom and I have an uneasy truce with regard to talking to each other, LordKosk is a guy that will play any game any time, Jason McMallister is actually sorta fun to watch die … a bunch – on his streams.

Talk. The forums do better when we all talk a bunch. Lurker’s are great but the reason we have this thread is to drive you crazies out to actually talking.

Unfortunately lurkng habits die hard. I was a lurker for a LONG time, and then I went on a posting spree…and then I disappeared again back into the lurking bushes. I’ll try to do better! :)

Lemme guess…You said something stupid?

Not so much…though that’s always in the realm of possibility. I just got busy and didn’t really feel like posting. Now it’s several months later and I’m realizing that despite reading a lot of posts, I haven’t posted anything myself!

It’s never too late!

If I had a penny for every time I said something stupid == and check you can actually see me saying stupid stuff if you search … I would buy a taco bell and just sit in the back room and organize my crispy shells.

The more people on the merrier. All of us say stupid stuff. It is part of it.

Pfft, not me.

I lurked for a while. Then I did not. This is a great place to get answers to questions. And I try to give back when I can.

Where I truly lurk is the rare occasions when I watch Tom’s streams. That is a tight, cozy bunch and I’m cool with not horning in.

I’m a chatty dude on Tom’s streams but nobody knows who I am because perversely YouTube uses my real name in the comments!

You’re Kristi Gaines?

You know you can go into personal info in Google account and change your name that is displayed?

How dare you! Apologize to Kristi.

Sorry @divedivedive

There are you happy now!

Lol AC!

Wow, I did not know that. I have always lurked on Tom’s streams because I didn’t want to post my real name. Now I can de-lurk!

Hello Kristi, didn’t know you’re a hot sexy bending robot mama!