Luther season 3

Starts tonight on BBC America.

It’s already been shown in the UK, but I won’t post any spoilers. It was good, if unrealistic - in real if the people after him really wanted they could have had him for conducting interviews alone without a tape recoding :) .

Well, either it is a huge spoiler (I am only watching the first season), either something ‘weird’ is going on on the Japanese Netflix where we get to see this banner:

This appears to be our only Luther thread. Maybe we can rename it to just Luther?



Guess so? Also with 5 posts for a show thats been going for 5 seasons and a movie coming in a months time it appears to not have many Qt3 viewers…

Anyway, just finished the 5th season and that had a pretty dramatic ending! Curious to see where they will go in the Netflix movie on 10th March.

Curious that 4 weeks before release, all we have is a teaser trailer that doesn’t even deserve the name trailer!

& for the 3 people actually reading this thread: Here’s a proper trailer!

(not going to watch it personally, as I wanna go in blind)

That was terrible. Luther in name only.

Boring. I am so tired of serial killers in movies and books.

It did set him up for spy service.

This show’s still going? I saw the first season and it was decent, but the second season didn’t grab me, I’m not even sure I finished it. Did it get better?

No it’s just a standalone movie. Saw it last night. It was mediocre. People were dumb.

It was OK, could have been so much better though. I mean, it’s not like Luther hasn’t done serial killers before, and the whole thing with him going to and escaping from prison was ridiculous and completely unnecessary. Also they showed that over 100,000 people had signed up to the website at one point, yet then they showed individual cameras going dark as people disconnected during the climatic scene. There were not 100,000 cameras…so that was kind of dumb. I kept expecting the red-haired serial killer lady to show up and save him at some point, which would have been more entertaining that what happened..

At the end when Luther asked who was there to see him I half expected the answer to be “It’s MI6, they have a job offer and new designation for you…”. I guess Idris Elba can’t be James Bond because he’s going to be John Luther, British government agent now?

I think so. He’s probably doing British spy movies going forward, which is another reason why he had to completely sever the relationship with the police. No going back.

Wow. The last few seasons of daredevil had a dip in quality. But the new movie is in my opinion absolutely terrible.

I just started watching the show on hulu, season 1 was ok. Season 2 so far hasn’t kept my attention as well, so far I’ve fallen asleep during both of the episodes I watched, and the season only has 4 episodes, lol.

I finished up season 5 last night a solid show overall, glad I got around to watching it. Next up will be the movie!