M&B Update, Version 7.50

Wow, just wow. This new version is amazing.

There are subtle changes but that make the game much better.

The new faces on every NPC, the new sound emotes in the battles with the river pirates yelling and taunting and new sounds and tweaks to the horse riding.

Btw, it seems the lance thing got rebalanced and now it oscillates more, making harder to aim precisely. Before it was way to easy to slaughter people by just charging.

Until you realize that a charger will do upwards of 20-30 damage per person and you can laugh manically while you wipe out an entire bandit party with the sheer power of your horse.

But, until then, yeah.


The patch is wonderful and yesterday I played for five hours straight. I discovered the crossbow. The first time I played I lost the horse in the first match and then discovered that to use the crossbow I had to stay completely still to reload. And for a long time. So I just decided that it was stupid and moved to a normal bow.

Yesterday I discovered that I can reload the crossbow while on my horse and… ohh, it became so much fun. After the five hours I developed an affinity with the weapon and I could get an HEADSHOT! on nearly 50% of my shoots on mobile targets and from a decent distance. Sooo fun!

Then I upgraded that corssbow and here you need to give me a clue. The new crossbow doesn’t reload anymore while on the horse. There is no description field that gives me an idea of which crossbow I can load while on a horse and which not. I bought a couple and I just couldn’t find another usable.

So gimme a clue, where I can get a crossbow that I can use? And how I can figure out the difference?

Only Light and Hunting Crossbows can be loaded on horseback. I’m not sure if this is noted anywhere in the game, but it was added in one of the patches. Prior to that change, you couldn’t load any of them while mounted.

Fantastic game.

Unless those persons are carrying longspears and turn you into shishkebab if you try to run them over. :-)

So is it worth $18?

To me - absolutely yes. I bought it some time last year when it was somewhat cheaper. But way back there were a lot less features and content in the game. And yet I played it for 30+ hours because mounted combat is really great and improving your party and your character over time is very motivating.


The only mod updated for .750 so far is the Story mod. It includes the Arena mod for those of us, myself included, who can’t bear to play without it.

I just tried the Story mod, and it’s bugged for the moment. Unless you’re willing to do some file editing manually I’d suggest you hold off until v1.2

Man, Mount & Blade has got to be the best $10 I ever spent on a game :)

I agree that it’s the best gaming value for money that I’ve ever had.
If only the vanilla game had a point to it…

edit: Storymod has been patched now. Another recommended mod.

I finally got around to downloading M&B and checking it out for the first time. Really pretty amazing for an indie effort, and unlike any game I’ve played before. Has anyone done first person medival style combat like this before?

Someone really should give these guys a truck full of money to hire some more people.

malphigian, did you ever try Die by the Sword? It’s a bit different, but first person fantasy with advanced swordfighting.

They removed it because of bitching! The fatal flaw in all Indie games is now revealed!

I hate Sea Raiders. They’re serious undercons.

Those two handed axes are deadly to horse and rider. Nothing worse than engaging a group of Sea Raiders with a few ranks of spiffy mounted troops that you leveled up slowly over time and:

-watch their horses get cut out from underneath them
-watch their shields explode after getting hacked to pieces by those two handed axes (bonus versus shields)
-watch them die horribly as you try to remember which towns still had peasants left to recruit.

Love the game, hate the Sea Raiders, I’d rather fight the mounted guys in heavy black plate armor over any large group of Sea Raiders.

eff Sea Raiders and double eff Sea Raiders if the fight takes place in one of the thirty thousand rivers.

Can someone explain why they didn’t hire the M&B guy to do mounted combat in Oblivion?

Because large calvary battles wouldn’t fit in a TES game at all?

Actually, I think they would rock.

It occurs to me that a M&B game based on the Deverry world could be quite awesome, considering the rather non-epic nature of that world. Largest battles in Deverrian history was something like 4000 people.
You could probably weave in an interesting Silver Dagger story into it. Too bad it won’t happen.

Shadari:They’d need their own special zones which would require a revamp of the game. Barely any of the landscape existing in Oblivion is suited for that kind of battle, as a matter of both graphics and terrain.

The M&B combat rocks already. The entire game is marred by the lack of some sort of long-term goals. Those castles you can capture(?) are at certainly a start.

A disjointed frankengame would be really cool. I just can’t imagine calvary in TES when a bunch of fireballs would rip the hell out of them.

You would have to make the magic much less effective and more random, maybe a little Warhammer-esque, where magic is always a crapshoot. Of course, then it wouldn’t be TES.

Having said that, I now totally want to lob fireballs into a big M&B scrum :)