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Player List:
Misguided - Hero: Totally Rad
Arkon262 - Hero: Reptilia
malkav11 - Hero: Ailill Mac Shuibne
Warning - Hero: Bonehead
TundraWolf - GM

Helpful Links (for player reference):
Combat Example the First!
Combat Example the Second!
House Rules for Knockback!

Below is some info on the setting of the game. Enjoy!

I’ll use this post as a quick reference for what has happened in the game up to present, complete with hotlinks to important posts! Keep an eye here!

Knights of Eden: Recruits
Gathering the Knights: Issue No. 1

Eden City. A bastion of equality and a testament to human ingenuity. Floating in the middle of the Atlantic, the great city slowly crawls across the waves making its way toward North America for the first time in eight months. The holographic billboards that tower above the streets alternate between an arrival countdown (thirteen days, five hours, thirty-six minutes, twenty-nine/eight/seven seconds) and an advertisement for the latest item from Human Inc.; an inner ear implant that allows you to listen to the music library on your computer by wirelessly connecting to it from anywhere within the city limits. “Priced at the reasonable rate of $450 per ear, talk to the Human Inc. representative at your local outlet today! Surgery not included.”

The hustle and bustle of downtown Eden City ebbs and flows with the turn of the traffic lights. Clean-burning cars and automated electric transit take people to their places of work or leisure, pedestrians wander in and out of exquisitely designed buildings, everywhere the subtle glow from holographic displays that paint the city in electric blues and greens and yellows; all of these things combine to create a city like none other in the world, a place of prosperity, equality and, most of all, peace.

Gunshots ring out. Squealing tires pierce through the surprised screams. A car comes barreling through the streets, coming to a sudden stop in front of a department store. Three masked men, armed with pistols and a submachine gun, burst out into the street, firing back into the store. They cross the sidewalk quickly, jump in the car, and are gone in a hail of smoke, rubber and gunfire.

The recording is paused, the police commissioner turning to speak to Doctor Data. “These goons were somehow able to get past your security sensors, Doctor Data. We didn’t know what was happening until it was already too late. And that isn’t even the half of it; this was the third armed robbery in the last two weeks, the fifth in the last month.” The man waves a hand at the screen to dismiss the video, then pulls up a series of photos. More masked men, all armed with guns, all escaping from stores with bags full of cash and valuables.

“Things are escalating, Doctor Data. These guys didn’t care about collateral damage; they killed three security guards and four civilians this time. Next time it could be much worse. And that isn’t even mentioning the number of muggings we’ve had reported in the last few weeks, or the suspicious missing person’s reports we have been getting.” The police commissioner shakes his head. “The police can’t deal with this sort of threat all on their own. We need the Knights to help us take care of the city.”

Doctor Data – or, rather, a holographic manifestation of his physical form – sits across the table from the commissioner. A handsome man of Saudi descent, he appears to wear a suit jacket over a button-down shirt, the digital underlay giving the shirt an almost grid-like pattern. He reaches up and adjusts his collar, loosening it ever so slightly as he sits forward in his chair. “Commissioner Stewart, I appreciate the threat to Eden City but, unfortunately, the Knights are forced to deal with more pressing matters elsewhere on the globe. I’m sure you’ve heard the reports about the Bronze Butcher striking in Spain again?”

The commissioner nods. “Yes, sir, and I understand the threat that he poses to that continent, but --”

“But,” Doctor Data interrupts. “These threats cannot be allowed to pass. If the Knights do not stop him, or the other villains in the world, who will?”

Commissioner Stewart sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose. “Then what would you ask of me, sir? We do not have the resources to deal with this sort of widespread crime all at once. And even if we did, I’m not sure we would be able to act quickly enough to do little more than damage control. Aetheria and Jack are the fastest people in the world, Glacier and the Spartan are the toughest, and you are everywhere in this city and know everything that happens at every moment. Without the aid of the Knights, I’m afraid these crimes will only continue.”

Doctor Data nods. “I have come to that conclusion myself, as did the Knights when we discussed it a few days ago. And that is why we are going to try to recruit other… special individuals to help us.” He steeples his fingers and leans back in his chair.

Commissioner Stewart looks up, surprised. “Recruit? You mean… There are others like the Knights that would be willing to help defend the city?”

“That is our hope,” Doctor Data replies. “I have sent one of our own to recruit one such individual, and will personally be approaching another two in hopes that they will join us in this endeavour.” Before the commissioner can say anything further, Doctor Data holds up a digitized hand. “Be warned that this is not a guarantee. I hope to appeal to the better nature of these individuals but some may have difficulty agreeing to our terms. I will keep you apprised of the situation. If this effort should fail, we will need to look at the balance of resources and see if there is something else we can do to assist the police here.”

“Thank you, sir,” the commissioner sputters, standing to his feet. “That is exactly the sort of thing we were hoping for! I understand the lack of guarantee but I am sure you will bring them into the fold. Thank you again.” Stewart then gives a snappy salute to Doctor Data before turning and letting himself out.

With that, Doctor Data stands and walks to the great single-pane window that makes up the wall of his office. He folds his hands behind his back and looks out at the city far below. “Don’t thank me yet…” Data mumbles to himself before disappearing in a digitized blip.

Molly walked along the rough path leading out from the outskirts of Eden City toward the swamps, Walk Like an Egyptian blaring in her ears. Well, she thought it was blaring. Tough to tell sometimes.

She stopped, sighed, lifted her chin and said to no one in particular, “This getting old crap sucks.”

She continued onward, wondering what she was going to tell Reptilia. She knew what he’d say, knew how he felt about these things. Maybe he was right. For all the pain she’d endured, even though she…she felt the stinging sensation in her eyes and stopped again, closing them briefly. Nope, not happening. At least she still felt like a member of society.

By the time the Bangles had given way to Thomas Dolby and Duran Duran, the ground started to become spongy, even on the path. With a minor effort of will, she floated off the ground a couple of inches. There was no one to see her out this far. This way, no one could track her back to Rep’s place. More importantly, it would keep her stompy boots nice and dry.

Molly glided along, picking up speed. Her mind drifted with the breeze. She’d navigated the swamp so many times, she could practically do it blindfolded. The sudden image of Doc D intoning “Use the force, Luke” popped into her head and she burst into laughter which gave way to a coughing fit, nearly sending her careening into a tree.

She slowed for a moment to gather her composure. Ok girl, this is serious, remember? Ground had long since surrendered to swamp by this point. Out here, you could hardly tell her apart from the mosquitoes. some of them might outweigh her. Up ahead, she spied the mangroves that surrounded the compound, their roots reaching above the murky surface, and made her way to the opening.

She approached the low stone building, covered in vines, algae, and god only knew what else. She didn’t really mind Reptilia lived out here, but damn it played hell with her hair. Then, who was she trying to impress?

She drifted around the back and walked up to the stand of cypress trees. Hard to tell if the building was holding them up or the other way around. She punched in her access code,waited for the entrance to slide open, and touched down inside the doorway.

“Rep, you here? It’s me.” Her heartbeat accelerated. Oh man, this is going to be harder than I thought. she turned back toward the door. If she looked in his eyes, she might lose her nerve.

“Listen, I…Things are spinning out of control in Eden and the Knights have their hands full over in Europe or something. People are dying, and Doc wants me to take care of it. I know you don’t owe them anything, and I can probably take care of it on my own, but I don’t really know what I’m dealing with and I wouldn’t mind having someone to watch my back. So maybe, you could come help, for me?”

Slowly, she turned around, waiting for a response.

“You know Molly, I could smell you coming from the time you hit the edge of the swamp, that city life is no good for you…” came a voice from behind.

Reptilia shifted the pigmentation in his skin to reveal himself standing against the closed entrance door behind Molly. A hulking beast in comparison to Molly, Reptilia deftly slides past Molly in the narrow hallway and begins walking deeper into the facility.

“I assume you are here because of all the armed robberies that have been taking place in that city of yours? Don’t look so surprised that I know…this place has some decent arrays for monitoring radio waves and television broadcasts. I may live like a hermit, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still take an interest in what happens…out there. Care for a bit of grilled tarpon…I swam out and caught him fresh just this morning?”

Reptilia sits down with a healthy serving of fish and offers a plate to Molly.
“Look Molly, I trust you…you were the first person to not just run in terror to find some hunters when you first saw me. You are good people Molly, but who is this Doc…I mean how much do you really know about him. I thought he had this place locked down tighter Fort Knox. How exactly are these criminals getting weapons past all his security measures? Something other than this tarpon smells fishy to me, and let’s not forget that I am a giant reptile. How do you think the civilians are going to react if I come marching in to town? They are likely to think that I am some monster that needs to be hunted…trust me I know a thing or two about the way normal folk react to my presence.”

[/I]Reptilia rubs a small dimple in his left shoulder where a bullet remains lodged to this day from the fateful night years ago when his horrible transformation took place.

"I am only agreeing to help since it is you asking Molly, and I will protect you in this…but I have no confidence the civilians of Eden City will want my help.
Feel free to stay the evening, plenty of beds in the living quarters. I will be out in the swamp, I need to relax a bit."[I]"

[/I]Reptilia finishes his dinner, cleans up and heads for the comfort of the swamp.

Molly started to interrupt, but he was right. how much did she really know about Doctor Data? Maybe something was fishy. Whatever the truth was, she’d have a better chance of getting to the bottom of it with Reptilia there. She didn’t try to stop him from walking out the door. Honestly, it was a better reaction than she’d expected. If she pushed for them to leave immediately, he might change his mind.

She wondered if the commlink actually worked way out here. She’d never tried before.

“He said ‘yes’. We’ll head back to the Garden in the morning.”

Ailill loped casually along the rooftop, silvery bow slung over one shoulder. Below, a slightly pudgy but still youthful brown-haired man sauntered along the sidewalk, exchanging dull-witted repartee with a compatriot, both wearing the sort of unstylish tracksuit that proclaims “I don’t have to care what you think about my fashion sense” or, in certain circles, “I’m with the mob.” Ailill’s gaze tracks them unerringly, even as he leaps the alley to the next rooftop with no apparent effort. He shakes his head sadly. These mortal criminals are so careless, so blase. They never look up, nor make any attempt to conceal what they are. It does not speak well of this world’s enforcers. Still, he supposes, it may be understandable, given the lack of strong, central authority, and labyrinthine, contentious legal system. Why, their favored punishment is simply to lock the offender away in a comfortable cell for a few short years. Perhaps along the way to his quarry he will have the opportunity to teach men such as these the proper fear of wrongdoing. But for now, he mustn’t spook them. They are, after all, guiding him exactly where he wants to go.

I watch Cricket from the shadows as she walks past me down the alleyway. “Hi Bonehead!” I wave back to her. “Go easy kid.” She’s on a run this morning, looking for food or something she could trade for food. These kids always eat and in a city like this food can be hard to come by. Especially when you’re homeless. People out there ready to take advantage of a weak situation. That’s where I come in.

She emerges into the street and I follow at an easy pace. Cricket’s a good kid but tends to be headstrong. Me too. She likes to hit the fruit vendors in the market when the crowds are heaviest and she’s good at it. I watch as she blends with the growing number of shoppers. I can just make out her head bobbing around and then she’s walking back toward the alley. She’s carrying something in her pack. She spots me from a distance and smiles. She opens her pack and inside are apples, pears and apricots. They look delicious but she outta know not to show her cards like that.

She’s about 15 feet away from me, almost to the alleyway, when two guys step in front of her. One is big but I’m bigger. As I close the distance I hear them harassing her. “Man I’d like some fruit” the big one says. “And since you just took it from them I think we’re going to take it from you.” He reaches for her arm and she pulls back. Her eyes meet mine. They realize now someone is behind them and the big one turns angrily.

I step into his space, bend down and look him in the eyes. “I think you’re going to leave this young girl alone.” He blinks and swallows, glancing at my forehead. He’s never seen anything like me before. His partner is shorter, thin and looks like he’s packing something. Nervous energy. The short one comes at me from the side with something in his hand. Without breaking eye contact with the big guy I knock the little one’s weapon aside. It felt like a knife, maybe even scratched my hand. Boo-hoo. I grab him by the throat and hold him at arm’s length.

“Once again. You’re going to leave this young girl alone. Do we have an understanding?” I bend down and tap my forehead against his once, twice. He winces in pain. “Or do we need to have a meeting of the minds?”

He nods quickly. “We weren’t serious. Didn’t mean anything by it. We’ve got better things to do right?” He glances at his partner who responds with “Urmgh hurmgh”. I let the short one go and he takes a deep breath. The big one slides away from me while the short one pauses for a moment looking at his knife on the concrete.

“Leave it.”

He leaves it.

I watch them move away quickly, making sure they’re gone. Making sure they don’t get stupid and try to bring back friends. Cricket gives me a hug and, when I’m sure no one else is going to bother us, we walk back down the alleyway toward the sewer entrance. Toward home.

With an almost imperceptible pause, Doctor Data’s voice sounds over the commlink. “Very good. Thank you, Molly; I knew I could count on you. Stay safe out there.” And then he is gone, and Molly is left by herself, the hum of the generators from the bowels of the facility singing through the air, powering the bulbs overhead.

(What would Molly like to do?)

Reptilia exits the base and immediately dives into the muck of the swamp, swimming through the water as quickly as an alligator.

(Is there anything in particular Reptilia would like to do?)

Below, Ailill watches his two quarry begin to pick on a small street rat. Before the fae acts, however, a huge hulk of a man appears from the shadows of a nearby alley. His forehead is disfigured, a huge bony plate present where the rounded skull should be, and his muscles bulge under the dirty clothing he wears. The man scares off the two mobsters who run across the street, tails tucked neatly between their legs, while the big man and the little girl head back into the alley. Then, suddenly, a soft blue glow comes from the alleyway.

(What would Ailill like to do?)

As Bonehead enters the alley and heads towards the sewer entrance, an arm of safety around Cricket, he finds the alley suddenly filled with a soft blue light. Spinning, he sees a digital figure finish forming; it is a man leaning against a wall, arms crossed casually in front of him. You instantly recognize the figure as Doctor Data, the man who built and runs Eden City – his face can be seen on televisions, newspapers and magazines that people throw away, as well as the occasional billboard high above the streets.

“They’ll be back, you know,” he says, almost casually. “With friends.”

As Reptilia swims through the silt he buries himself deep into the mud, like an alligator waiting for prey, and closes his eyes as he drifts off into his memories…

“Jeremiah Brasseaux Liles…you get out of your room on the double mister…don’t you dare make your mamma come in there!” Jeremiah’s mom yelled through the door… "How many times have I told you to wash up in the mud room when you come home, I feel like a broken record. Just look at this place…it looks like you drug half the swamp with you and smells like it too. Jeremiah, are you even listening to me…"

Jeremiah was sitting on his bed holding his newest pet turtle that he had found in the swamp that morning, doing his best to ignore his mother. Why did she always have to be such a bother…nothing Jeremiah did was ever good enough. Jeremiah couldn’t wait until he was old enough to move out and find a nice place in the swamp to settle down. There would be no more nagging and hollering, just the peace and quiet of the bayou.

"Don’t get so worked up ma, I’m coming. Dad never got worked up like this…why ya gotta be so angry all the time…why can’t you be more like daddy was? Jeremiah said as he brushed past his mother to get the cleaning supplies.

“Jeremiah don’t you dare talk to me about your daddy…that good for nothing Bon Rien…all he ever did was get himself killed out in those god forsaken swamps while trying to protect them gators…fool thought they were vital to the ecosystem…and look where that got him…murdered when he decided to cross the wrong cajun trapper. You need to get your head out of the clouds son and find something productive to do…”

But it was too late…Jeremiah hated the way his mamma talked about his dad. He could feel the anger building inside.

Jeremiah shouted back at his mamma, tears beginning to swell…“You’re wrong mamma…daddy was a good man, and he was right! If you ever bothered to step foot out of this house you would see our bayou is getting overrun by nutria and other rodents. The trappers are takin’ too many of the gators and the swamp is out of balance. I am done listening to you badmouth dad…but don’t worry you won’t ever have to worry about me trackin’ in mud anymore. I’ll get my things and be gone by morning! I don’t need you…I’ll find my own way!”

That was the last day Jeremiah had seen his mother.

The pain brought Reptilia back to his senses…there is no telling how long he was lost in his thoughts, but the pain was real…all those years ago all he wanted was to be left alone, but now he couldn’t escape the pain of lost family and relationships.

“At least I have Molly now…at least there is one person who doesn’t hate me” Reptilia thought, as he fell back to sleep.

Molly sighed and let her head fall back, stared at the ceiling for a moment as if it held the secrets of the universe. She hoped she didn’t regret drawing Rep into this. He was happy enough out here, by himself. Once the cat–or the lizard–was out of the bag, would they continue to leave him to his solitude if that’s what he wanted? Doc said he assured they would, but…

It didn’t matter anymore, she’d already asked and he’d said yes. For her. Nothing to be done about it now. She turned her attention back to the plate he’d left for her. Might as well eat up. No telling what the morning might bring.

I quickly push Cricket behind me as she gasps. “I’ve seen him before!”

“Yeah I think we all have Cricket”. I turn and face Doctor Data, really seeing him for the first time. He looks to me like he’s smirking and I don’t much like that. “I’m not worried about them coming back. Or their friends. But you’ve got my attention. Say what you came here to say so we can get this over with.”

As the petty mobsters cross the street, Ailill unslings his bow and lets fly a pair of silvery arrows in rapid succession. A slightly stuttered pair of thumps follow as the thugs drop unceremoniously to the opposite sidewalk, sound asleep. His hunt’s been spoiled, but that’s no reason to let criminals get away altogether. Then he crosses the roof, kneeling to gaze down into the alleyway so as to observe the source of this strange blue light and the interloper from what should be a safe remove.

[I](Unless Rep and Molly have anything they’d like to do, I’ll just leave them to their own devices. Feel free to interact with each other or what-have-you but there won’t be much going on until the next morning.

As for Bonehead and Ailill…)[/I]

At Bonehead’s reaction, Doctor Data starts, obviously not expecting the direct attitude. “Straight to business. Fair enough.” The digital figure pushes himself off the wall and walks towards Bonehead; it’s at this point that you can see a small drone hovering in the air, projecting the Doctor Data into the air. “This city is being corrupted. Those mobsters? They should be the least of your concerns. They are low-level flunkies that work for a man who is trying to establish a ‘protection’ racket, and his boss has his fingers all over this city – and his grip is tightening. If those thugs get back to their boss, word will go to the top and, I promise, they will be back with reinforcements. And they will do their best to hurt you, and Cricket, and the rest of your friends.” Doctor Data blinks once, his digital eyes appearing again as clear orbs, then he blinks again and his eyes appear as normal again. “Luckily, they appear to have been rendered unconscious. I have alerted the police; they should be arrested and held for questioning for the next forty-eight hours. That should buy you some breathing room, at the very least.” Suddenly, Doctor Data disappears from the alley.

On the rooftop above, Doctor Data appears in a flash next to Ailill. “Thanks for that, by the way.” Just as quickly, he disappears and appears in the alley below once again, the other small drone that projected his presence scooting away from the fae.

“Still, forty-eight hours is not enough to keep them off your back forever. And the longer they are away, the more they will resent you and the more force they will bring to retaliate.” For a moment, Data’s vision lingers on the little girl hiding behind you. “I know about you and your friends who live in the sewers, and I know how vulnerable they are. And I know you would do anything to protect them.” He turns his gaze to meet your own. "So I know you understand how I feel about protecting this city.

“The long and short of it is this: I need your help. The Knights are strong but they are not omnipotent; there are bigger threats abroad that demand our attention and our efforts at home have become lax. Even I cannot be everywhere at once, as much as I stretch my abilities. Things slip, threats get through the cracks, and people die.” His expression hardens. “This can’t continue.” He waves a hand and a small drone hovers down the alley, stopping on the ground next to Bonehead. It drops a small device then hovers away. (Simultaneously, an identical drone hovers over to Ailill and drops the same device next to the fae.)

“I don’t expect an answer right away. I’m not even sure if I should expect one at all but I needed to try. I needed to reach out to all of you and do what I can to stem the tide of corruption spreading in Eden City. And yes, there are others I have approached. Without you… I’m not sure what we’ll do.” He motions to the device. “If you decide the affirmative, bring that to the Garden tomorrow morning. There is an entrance that connects from the sewer; feel free to use it if you would feel more comfortable staying out of sight. The device will unlock the path and bring you to the facility where the Knights operate. If you decide to come, I promise I will explain more there.”

He pauses for a moment, seemingly in thought, then clears his throat and looks up at Bonehead. “I hope I will see you then.” He smiles a small sidelong smile then disappears in a digitized flash. His drones hover off and away, heading home, leaving Bonehead and Ailill, separate yet near, in the falling dusk.

Ailill kneels, collecting the little device and inspecting it curiously. Of course, this world’s “technology” being largely alien to him, he’s able to make neither heads nor tails of it so he ultimately gives a little shrug and tucks it into a small leather pouch on his belt. Then he stands again, peering down at the figure below. Bonehead’s appearance clearly isn’t that of the average human, but Ailill’s used to far stranger, half the fae court delighting in coming up with new shapes at each gathering, so the primary thing is to evaluate the man’s character. Driving off the mafiosos alone means nothing much - criminals can be territorial, as Ailill knows - but he appears to desire to protect the young and innocent, and -this- is one of the most important principles of fae law.

Decision made, he agilely swings himself over the roof edge and drops to the alleyway below, tucking and rolling to fetch up a few feet in front of the misshapen man. He shows his palms, the bow and its ammunition no longer in evidence, and says in a lilting, slightly halting brogue, “Greetings. I mean neither you nor the young you guard any harm, but after the blue man’s speech I am made curious. Do you intend to take him up on his request? The criminals of this place do seem remarkably bold and in need of…pruning.”

Cricket jumps and clings to my side. “Bonehead, why does he have pointy ears?” I stare at this creature that lands in front of me. He’s tall and thin and looks sickly pale. First Doctor Data and now this pointy-eared… person. Still he seems like he wants to make a friendly impression and I appreciate that after the morning I’ve had.

“Dunno kiddo. Sometimes we’re just put together weird.” She looks at my forehead and nods. I turn to the newcomer.

“So Blue Light Special talked to you too? I guess he’s collecting all us freaks, huh?” I reach down and pick up the device spit out by Data’s drone. “Well sure, I’ll head over to the Garden and see what’s what. I kinda like the idea of pruning some criminals.” I stare at the guy. Seems kinda frail. Not sure how he’d handle himself in a fight but sounds like I might get the chance to see for myself.

Ailill cocks his head, regarding the child curiously. “I’m not mortal, child. That is why.” He nods to Bonehead. “I overheard your conversation, but he provided me with a similar object so I assume he meant to include me in the invitation. I will be curious to see what he has in mind. I have…obligations that I must attend to, but it is entirely possible his purpose and mine align to some degree. I suspect you will also be of great value to that cause, should you decide to join it. I look forward to finding out on the morrow. Good eve, sir.” He gives a little bow, turns translucent and then seems to simply fade into the air, as if he were never there at all.

A couple of dozen miles away, Ailill fades back into existence near a pond in a small park. He smiles a little to himself, and then ascends a majestic oak higher on a nearby hill, disappearing behind its lush foliage. He has a small rope with a sack of supplies dangling from a branch midway up, which he carefully lets down, extracting a light supper’s worth of trail food, and then hangs again. He sprawls out on a broader limb just below, munching contentedly, and when he has finished, closes his eyes and laces his fingers atop his stomach, drifting into immobile stillness that bespeaks sleep.

(For the sake of expediency, I’m going to assume Bonehead will escort Cricket back ‘home’ and spend the evening with his friends before heading out in the morning. If this isn’t the case, feel free to smack me upside the head and we can adjust as necessary!)

Night falls, shrouding the outskirts of Eden City in the abject darkness the middle of the Atlantic offers. The city itself is still very much alive, however, and with the soft digital glow from billboards and streetlights staving off the dark, the hustle and bustle of the city only dies down a few degrees; such a huge metropolis on Earth, it easily finds itself in the club of cities that never sleep. The Garden, towering high above all else, gives off a soft green glow that betrays its clean white finish during the day.

Far away in Spain, Doctor Data’s projected form sits across a table from Lady Aetheria. A three-dimensional holographic map of Barcelona is projected in blue on the table, with damaged areas of the city being highlighted in red. Kleisthenes, son of Iason – the Spartan – stands at a nearby window, peering out into the night as fires burn in the distance.

“So they have agreed?” Lady Aetheria asks, her voice ethereal and distant. She crosses her legs casually and folds her cream-coloured hands on her lap, watching Doctor Data with passive interest.

Data nods, spinning the projection of Barcelona with a twist of his hand. “I believe so. The hunter and the mutant spoke after I left but who knows what they decided? The invitation was extended, regardless, and I know that Molly will bring her friend along. I will meet them in the morning, if they come, and hopefully they can help us get things under control back home.”

Aetheria nods softly, her golden eyes seeming to pierce through Data’s hologram and straight to the projection drone behind him. “And Molly herself?”

Data glances at Aetheria, his eyes narrowed. “She’s ready too.”

The Spartan grunts from the window but says nothing else. Data stares a dagger or two at him before turning back to the projection of Barcelona; two green dots hurtle towards a zone designated in red and, quickly, the red fades to a yellow. In the distance, one of the fires is brought under control.

Aetheria allows a small smile to crack her features then nods a concession. “Of course. Back to business – we last saw the Butcher…”

[HR][/HR]Knights of Eden: Recruits
Gathering the Knights: Issue No. 2

Dawn breaks across Eden City. Seabirds careen into the parks, ready to accept the bounty the early risers will offer.

At the edge of the swamp, a car arrives and a driver steps out; he lights a cigarette and leans against the hood of the car, hands cupped around the lighter as he does so. He takes a deep drag then exhales, allowing the smoke to mingle with the early-morning mist that lies over the swamp. He watches the smoke drift away, smiling simply, before his expression falters and his hand drops to the sidearm at his hip. He stares into the swamp for a moment, swearing under his breath that he saw “something”, then shakes it off. “Lay off the caffeine so early, Anderson,” he mutters to himself as he eases himself back into the car. Keying the communication array in the vehicle to the frequency that Doctor Data gave him, he reaches up and activates the commlink at his ear.

Across the swamp, in the hidden facility, Molly’s commlink chirps in her ear. “This is Agent Anderson with GATE Force looking for…” You hear some papers shuffling before he continues. “Looking for… Totally Rad? Uh, ahem. Totally Rad, Doctor Data gave me orders to pick up two contacts here this morning. Please come in.”

(What would Reptilia and Molly like to do?)

As morning streaks into the park, a small songbird lilts on a branch near where Ailill rests, offering a small tune as way of greeting. She tilts her head back and forth as she watches the sleeping man. People pass beneath, the joggers and cyclists on their way to work or cramming in some exercise before facing the rest of the day.

(What would Ailill like to do?)

In the sewer, the denizens therein rouse themselves from their respective slumbers and start making ready to face the day. Big Lou continues snoring until someone kicks his boot to wake him, which his does with snorts and sniffles.

Cricket bounds over to Bonehead and leaps atop his chest as way of ‘good morning’. “Hey, get up! You have to go meet Doctor Data and help save the city!” She smiles down at him. “You’re still going, right?”

(What would Bonehead like to do?)

As the sun rose, Reptilia released from the silt of the swamp and lazily floated to the surface. Quietly he entered the facility and checked on Molly who was still sound asleep. Reptilia was happy that Molly had chosen to stay for the evening, even if his home wasn’t much to look at…“Well I best go scrounge up some breakfast, I suspect Molly will be awake soon”… Reptilia thought to himself as he quietly backed out of the living quarters.

Heading through the swamp, Reptilia was able to locate some “alligator apples”, he wasn’t sure what their real name was, but he came to appreciate them while fleeing through the swamps of Florida. They almost tasted like a honeydew melon, but were the shape of an apple. Hopefully Molly would be ok with a breakfast of fruit and fish…Reptilia had gotten used to living off of what mother nature provided. Spying one of his crawfish traps, Reptilia dove deep to check the trap…empty again. As Reptilia rose back to the surface and his nose broke the plane of the water, his olfactory system was immediately accosted by the smell of the city. There was a “foreigner” lurking on the outskirts of the swamp. Reptilia dove back down into the silt and swam to the edge of the swamp and silently slithered up into the thick tangle of roots and branches that encircled the swamp. Sure enough, Reptilia saw the “foreigner”, it was a suit from the city…shifting the pigment of his scales, Reptilia slowly moved to within feet of the suit, the stench of cigarette smoke wafting across his skin, listening intently as the suit mentions Totally Rad…Reptilia knew that the man was calling Molly, although Reptilia preferred her real name. With a a powerful leap, Reptilia launched himself over the canopy of the trees, blowing a bit of smoke back at the suit, landing just outside of the facility. As Reptilia walked in, he could hear Molly was up and about…

“Hey Molly…I grabbed you some breakfast, but I am assuming we don’t have time to sit and eat. I saw your ride out at the edge of the swamp…vile smelling man, I believe he said his name was Anderson. I suppose they will expect me to be with you, not so sure I will fit in their car however. You sure this is gonna work…I mean…you sure the people will accept me?”