M8.idoxs.net says: WARNING: This website has been framed!

I’m trying to make my monthly car payment on Toyota’s web site (which I routinely do each month) but after login, when I go to the make a payment page, I’m getting a pop up that says:

M8.idoxs.net says:
WARNING: This website has been framed!

If I hit OK it just pops up again; there’s nothing I can do to close this box and get back to the payment page.

EDIT - this is occurring in Chrome, just tested, does not happen in IE.

This has never occurred before - what is this and how can I keep it from occurring?


iDOXS is an e-billing platform from what I can tell. That error message seems to be generated because the application expects something, probably the data entry form, to be in an IFRAME, and it apparently isn’t. In other words, from what I can glean, it seems that the people maintaining the site screwed up something during an update or maintenance and it’ll probably be fixed soon.

Thanks, I won’t try to fix it on my end then.

Mind you, my info comes from Googling this stuff, because it sounded vaguely menacing, but it seems to check out. If it doesn’t work next time you try it I’d suggest just contacting Toyota, but it is probably a browser-based incompatibility.

The same thing happened to me. Trying to pay my garbage bill. I was using Google to obtain the Website (like I always do) and “WARNING: This website has been framed.” popped up. So I clicked over to Yahoo’s search engine and I was able to get into the website just fine. Just had to use a different search engine.