Mabinogi -- lite MMO

Mabinogi free-ish little MMORPG.

Cute little game, anime-ish style from a Korean developer, probably gets to be a dull grind after a while, but it was fun to level 11 so far, anyhow. I’m Miramon on the Mari server at the moment. Everywhere I go some owl flies by and drops a quest on me… I gather it’s just out of beta and is still in a relatively early stage of development.

Probably doesn’t repay obsessive play typical to a MMO, but maybe a little time spent on it now and then would prolong the amusement.

Sneak up behind a sheep and skillfully shear it.

That’s all I need to know!

I like the fact that I could have won one of 10,000 Cowboy hats! I wonder if I did?