Mac bundle bargains

Bundles of Mac apps have been mentioned here before, but scattered about various threads, so maybe they finally deserve their own.

MacUpdate is having their $50 Spring promo bundle, including:[ul]
[li] Parallels Desktop 6
[/li][li] 1Password
[/li][li] MacUpdate Desktop
[/li][li] DVDRemaster Pro 7
[/li][li] Mac DVDRipper 2
[/li][li] Civilization 4 (no expansions)
and some other smaller stuff. I personally prefer VMWare Fusion, but it’s still tempting for the rest of it.

Wow – thanks for posting this. I need a copy of Parallels and this is a great deal. Divvy has always looked interesting, and the other stuff is just gravy. I see when you order you can opt to get 1Password for Windows instead of Mac, which works for me.

photoshop cs5 is also $299us down from $699us.

For the individual with only occasional need for photo editing software, Pixelmator remains a better deal at $59. It’s a great app, too.