Mac & Cheese

In the Last Meal thread, someone mentioned Prime Rib with Mac & Cheese.

You know what? This sounds really good. So I get to thinkiing, where can I get such a meal? Apparently this combo seems to be missing from restraunts. Not only do I not know where I can get Prime rib with Mac & Cheese, it seems finding a restruant that just has really good Mac & Cheese is non-existant.

Any reccomendations? Any chain restruants that server really good Mac and Cheese? Maybe ill have to get them seperatly to go.

I’d look around for a soul food or southern bbq joint. Of course, you might be able to get the mac and cheese, but I don’t think either would have a prime rib to go with it.

Hoovers. I usually get jerk chicken and macaroni & cheese, but you can get the ribs if you want.

Ribs /= Prime Rib.

doh. Roger Wong would like to retract his previous post.

I like the mac & cheese from Boston Market. Add that to their meatload and mashed potatoes? Goooooood!

No, add it to your meatload, you mothballtrucker!

Agreed on Boston Market - great Mac n Cheese, mashed potatoes and other sides. Great chicken and turkey too.

Why not, uh, make it yourself? Mac & Cheese is super simple to make and there are a million recipes to suit your needs, then just get a prime rib roast and go nuts.

Indeed, there’s nothing quite like the homemade stuff. If you’re organized, it takes ~30 minutes to cook the whole meal. Of course, the cooking is the fun part; it’s the shopping for ingredients and the cleanup that are annoying.

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Yeah, sure, it’s a bit of work. But I made it one night, it’s worth it.

Mmm, fried Mac & Cheese…

I generally like mine based on a roux, but Alton Brown always finds the most complicated way to make something taste better.

Ain’t it the truth. He makes the Chris Kimball and the Test Kitchen crowd look like a bunch of noobs.

Nothing beats Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.

Remember, kids, if it aint radioactive orange, it aint real cheese!

Or Stouffer’s Mac and Cheese, a drop each of FD&C Yellow 5 and FD&C Red 40 works too. Mix well and eat under an ultraviolet light for full effect.