Mac heads, will we have to plunk down 130$ every year?

I was just wondering what people thought about this. It seems like Jaguar just came out and all of a sudden we’re being asked to slap down another $130 to have the most up to date OS. I know some of the details behind Panther, but did it really deserve this type of full release (aside from the “fill our pockets with cash” argument)?

Yeah, but on the bright side, there’s no nasty authentication process like there is with Windows. :-/

From what I’ve seen of Jaguar, it sounds like the improvements are very nice. But it’s pretty ironic that Apple is gouging its users for what’s little more than a Plus/service pack, given how the users preach about the evils of Microsoft.

We need to get a new notebook, and I’m seriously considering the new 12" iBook. Looks pretty nice, it’s compact, and it’s actually a decent value. Thought it’d be fun to at least play with some Mac stuff, and it’d be handy for some of my day job testing.

My hesitation is software… I have Windows versions of Office, Photoshop, etc. that I could use on an XP notebook. Is OpenOffice any good on OS X?

It’s ridiculous that Mac users ridicule what they call the “Windows tax,” but they’re the ones having to shell out $130 a year for their point upgrades. If you were early to join the Mac OS X party, you paid for the beta, the final version, 10.2, and 10.3. Around $500 in OS upgrades in just a few years.

I own a Jaguar-running powerbook. No plans to upgrade to Panther.

I’m curious about openoffice on OS X as well. I currently use Microsoft Office for Mac, but may have to switch if MS stops supporting it. I’ve looked at those iBooks as well, suddenly they seem a lot more attractive with the G4 in them.

Well, I like OpenOffice on Windows. I’m only using the Word and Excel clones but they work well enough. They’re not fully macro-compatible with MS Office but I think you wouldn’t need that anyway.

Where do the Mac-heads congregate online? I’d like to find a spot where people are reporting first-hand on the new iBooks.

Or all they all still using CompuServe? ;-)

I don’t think the Cocoa (OS X interface) version of Open Office is out yet. Last I checked, a month or two ago, it wasn’t due out for at least another year or so.

You can run OpenOffice for Linux in X11 on the Mac, but it looks like ass and seems to run pretty slowly.

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Actually the new version got a great review from the NYTimes…guy was not a mac head who wrote it but he actually made me interested in it.

You might try the Mac Forum at Ars Technica. It seems to be a good place for everything Mac.

The new OS X version seems to have a notably improved performance according to the reviews I’ve seen.

Is OpenOffice any good on OS X?
In its current state I’d say ‘no’. As already mentioned above, there’s no native port yet. And the X11 version isn’t that enjoyable.