Mac: really good software bundle sale $50

11-12 apps for $50.

Screenflow, Forklift and Launchbar Pro are worth the bundle. I own 1 or 2 already of the rest.

Hmm. The only thing I want out of there is Screenflow. If someone gets this and already has Screenflow I’d gladly pay you for it.

The whole bundle costs less than than half of what Screenflow sells for regularly.

I know, but it’s still not worth $50 to me. I use a PC 90% of the time and just want it in case I ever need to make a Mac screencast at some point.

Most of those programs just don’t appeal to me, and the rest, I’m already using pretty good free alternatives.

Forklift would be a good deal if you could completely replace Finder with it. Can you do that? Can you set as the default? I hated Finder when I had my Mac (though Windows Explorer is just as crappy). Seems Linux distros are the only OS’s with decent file managers.