MacBook Pro now or wait?

hi guys, i am thinking of buying a new MacBook Pro, but i want to be sure if they will update the lineup anytime soon. i was hoping that we will hear about it on the day they announced the iPad, but nothing came out.

so i am seeking your help, if you have any idea and what are your recommendations. should i wait a few months?

thanks in advance.

You should probably wait.

Right now, we’re about 238 days since the last MacBook Pro upgrade. The average between upgrades is 200 days, so a spec-bumped MBP is likely around the corner… especially given Intel’s new Core i3, i5 and i7 mobile chips.

However, Apple’s supposedly not happy about those chips integrated graphics, and have asked Intel to design custom versions for the MacBook and MacBook Pro that strips them out. That may take some time.

That said, Apple’s release and upgrade cycles are all pretty predictable, so some kind of spec bump is probably right around the corner.

i see, thanks for the heads-up!

i checked and they said too that it is better to wait, but if the upgrade is going to be in june/july, then i am not sure. um… i will think about it a little bit more, especially that i dont really need it now.

Macrumors is usually pretty accurate. If they say a refresh is coming and you don’t need it for a couple of months, I’d wait. I’ve followed their advice on two Apple laptops (not so I could get the latest, but so I could get a good deal on the almost-latest) and it worked out both times.