MacBook Pro power adapter

Will AppleCare cover a replacement (computer is about nine months old)? And/or is there a third party (85W MagSafe) adaptor that sucks less?

yes, they will cover it. did it get frayed? there is no third party.

Yes. And I googled a little further and did find that out, which is unfortunate - the adapter is saliently shoddily designed.

I was wondering about that too since mine is starting to fray as well, after about a year of use. I don’t know if I can really attribute it to shoddiness on the build quality though, since with the way my seating and power plugs are set up, it puts a constant bend on the cord.

I vote for shoddiness, my bf’s frayed recently (it’s just over a year old). At $80 for a goddamn power adapter I think they could design around the cord bending issues.

I got lucky on mine I think as I don’t see any signs of wear and it’s been a few years. I don’t move it around all that much though and when I do, I run on battery.

And I agree that the price on that adapter is outrageous. FFS, Apple…

The definition of irony: Apple users complaining that replacement parts for their Apples (which don’t break!) are overpriced.

Dude, please don’t shit up yet another thread with that crap.

I’ve had some shitty experience with the Geniuses, but the time my adapter sparked out and almost caught fire, they swapped it out no questions asked.

Looks like it might be old news now, but I just noticed that they’ve redesigned the MagSafe plugs with a right-angled tip, so they shouldn’t fray as easily anymore. Some people are complaining that it no longer works as well at breaking away when pulled on, though.

I’ll have to grab one, as I’m on my second adapter with fraying problems now (not actually broken yet, but I don’t really trust it).

It’s a pretty subjective thing at the Apple store. They eyeball it and make a decision there. Most of the time, the GB doesn’t want to be bothered with something so minor, so they may just swap it. It really depends on how beat up it is, though.