Macbook Pro

I am currently waiting to order my next laptop. Company is buying and the budget is large - last time it was a Gen 1 Dell XPS for example. I have been planning on going MacBook Pro and using Parallels to run Vista. The latest rumor mill at Apple seems to indicate a model coming out soon running the Santa Rosa chipset from Intel. I am not as up to date as some of you here but one thing scares me - is this an integrated video card chipset and how much would I hate the Intel one? I know typically they suck but people seem excited for Santa Rosa based machines. Also they are saying LED backlit screens - is this a benefit over the current pretty Apple LCD? Or do I bail on my plan and go back to Dell?

Welcome to the world of Apple rumors! The first conjecture is free, the next will cost you 1.99$.

Basically, MacBooks/MacBook Pros will move to this “Santa Rosa” chipset; some say as early as tomorrow (5-15). There have been fairly solid rumors that LED screens will be released this year, but they may not be at the same time as the move to Santa Rosa. Plus, the new operation system is due around October. The main advantage of LED will be power savings.

I’m almost 100% certain that the Macbook Pro will use an Nvidia based GPU; it uses the ATI X1600 mobile right now. I’d expect the 8300 later in the year, or some version of the 7000 series today.

Power savings are nice but I love the current Macbook display. I have about a month to decide so I guess I can wait and see how it plays out.

Definitely “wait” time for Mac laptop purchases. iMac too for that matter. About a month should do it on the outside, possibly sooner.

Well the new Macbooks are out today, so the MBPs are probably a few weeks away (they tend not to release them near each other, to prevent one from overshadowing and stealing sales from the other I imagine). It’s quite likely they could be released at WWDC, in just under a month.

I’m thinking of replacing my iBook G4, but it’s not an urgent need, so I’ll probably hold out for both an MBP refresh and Leopard.