Machinima: The Uberquest Miracle

If anyone wants to check out my 35 min. film made with The Movies, it’s here:

It’s kind of a love story about MMORPG’s. I was thinking maybe some people here might get a kick out of it.

Let me know what you think, good or bad.


Nicely done – some of the scenes (the initial meet in the bar) were a bit long, but overall, was pretty cool. If there were an Uberquest client available, I’d be downloading it right now to play :)

Glad you liked it, Andrew. It was a ton of work, as you can imagine, but this is the payoff, when people can see it.


A couple more detailed followups re: things I liked –

a) I actually wanted to watch it to the end 'cause I was interested, not just to be polite (which was far from a given, as it’s 35 minutes). Again, good stuff :)

b) I loved the way you lampooned the jargony MMO talk (“blue implants?” “gold implants”). Dead on.

c) Again, I will seriously play any MMO where angels and robots team up to fight zombies. Especially if I can play on the zombie PvP faction.

Uberquest looks cool. I want to play a death-dealing robot.

Anyway I am kind of impressed with The Movies game there able to produce that. I might have to check it out.

Well, I had to go to Premiere to do the soundtrack and finish the film, through no fault of my own. The game chokes on big films, there are several bugs, including a maddening one where the game just decides to not shoot a scene, or replaces a scene with another. That’s responsible for some (but not all) of the continuity errors. But if the game could have handled it, what you see could have been done 100% in The Movies (and Audacity for the sound).

I will never do a long film again though, too much heartache fighting the bugs.


I know some very wealthy gamers. I have been pestering them for a while to actually start a game company. One of the ideas I did have was not to make a game, but to make a ‘toy’ like The Movies that was only about making your own movies. Now that I have seen this in action, even if the product is buggy and somewhat limited, I think this would be an exelent software product to produce.

Here’s a couple more really good films…

Hilarious Star Trek/Star Wars spoof.

Twilight Zone western (I did the confederate soldier).



“Take me back to your place. I want to see your +5 Photon cannon and see what kind of damage it can do.”

Sorry if I butchered the quote but up until this point I wasn’t really into the movie. After the bar scene, I like it quite a bit.

Yay! Happy ending! I liked it, very nice work!

Wow, really good. The only party I didn’t like was when his computer crashed, and the voiceover got kind of cheesy. Oh, that, and the characters’ movements all seemed really stiff and exaggerated, but that’s probably a problem with the engine. But overall, I really, honestly liked it. I was surprised how much I liked it, in fact.

How long did it take you to make, if you don’t mind my asking?

Cool. Glad y’all enjoyed it.

extarbags, it took about 2 months, off and on. The script just sorta popped out, and no one told me making a 35 minute film was next to impossible. By the time I realized how much work it was gonna be, I was already so far along that I just hammered it out.

The main thing I’ve found out in making this 1st film is that people really notice different things about it. Some liked the initial bar scene, others said it was too long (I pretty much agree). You didn’t like the computer scene, but I’ve had others tell me they couldn’t stop laughing. It’s interesting to see, and finally I don’t take offense at anything people say about it, because reactions vary so much. Still, overall response has been good. And I’m going for another one, much shorter this time.