Mad Balls game for XBLA announced

I’m not sure it looks particularly good, but I’ve instantly been transmutated back into a sticky five year old again, playing with veiny, deformed, foam rubber monster balls in my back yard.

So, in short, the only thing that has changed is my age and the foam rubber.

Mad balls! Mad balls! Gross for one! Gross for all!

Actually, I saw a demo of this at E3, and left way more enthusiastic about it than I expected to. I almost wish they didn’t have the Madballs license, because it might cause some to skip by what’s looking to be a really fun game.

It’s super-accessible (drive your madball around shooting people and things), but there’s tons of stuff thrown in for the hardcore gamer. My favorite: In multiplayer, there’s a mode where each team starts with a couple of minutes to build their own base from prefab tiles. So you can try to build a maze of defenses into your base to protect your flag, etc. Problem is, you’re only building half of the level-- your opponents are building their half at the same time.

There’s also a mode where you can turn your Avatar’s head into a Madball. Sweetness.

What, no Screamin’ Meemie?

Garbage Pail Kids: The Gathering

I think we’re close to the same age, but I’m not sure what you’re referring to… especially the “veiny” part. Is it like a nerf ball?

GIS is your fwiend!

I feel like an idiot, what’s GIS mean? Geoscience Information Society?

Google image search.

The “Buy” button hasn’t appeared yet on the XBLA page, but I’m seeing funky things happen to the page upon refresh so maybe that’s in progress now. Anyone who’s at home see it on the 360 yet? Even after I purchase, I’ll just have to live vicariously through you guys because I won’t have time to fire it up for a while.

Edit: Okay, now I see it. Weird. Had to navigate to this page.

Huh. It shows for me at that link.

I played the demo and it seemed pretty decent. Can play over the shoulder or over head.