Mad Catz gets into the micro-console game

Title Mad Catz gets into the micro-console game
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in News
When October 8, 2013

Mad Catz, manufacturer of gaming peripherals and accessory hardware, is launching its own Android gaming console. The M.O.J.O..

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MadCatz makes fine products, but that pricing is insane. Why would you buy one of these to hook up to your TV over a slim PS3 or XBox 360? The mind boggles.

If XCOM were brought to Android, this console would- at least- be interesting. But as it stands, I don't see any reason to buy this instead of, say, a 2DS, or a Vita. Or a Nexus 7.

Actually, the controller they're selling paired with the new Nexus 7 seems like it would have about the same amount of horsepower, right? And be as capable of hooking up to my TV?