Mad Dogs

Anyone else catch this? Because holy hell that’s a lot of talent for one show. Simms, Glenister, and Beesley (fine, okay, and Warren, too) all under one roof.

Loved the first episode. Great pacing, tension the whole episode long, waiting for a shoe (or two) to drop, the whole nine. It might seem a little plodding to some, but I think that was mostly just to set the stage, and it’s gonna be crazy from here on.


What is it?

It’s fucking amazing is what it is. It’s a four-part series about a group of old high school (or college? what’s Fourth Form?) friends who reunite in Majorca and things take a turn for the dark. It’s utterly amazing and every single performance was bang-on. It wasn’t until just now that I realized how underutilized Warren was on Hustle.

Because of your persistence, I find myself interested.

At least interested enough to provide a link. :)

Where are you watching it? BBC America?

No, I acquired it through other means. I’m not sure how to go about watching it through official channels. Sky1’s Player has eps 2-4 available, but you may need a proxy to watch it from the States, and you still need to find ep 1 somewhere.

I did some quick googling and found a few of those “Watch [TV Series] Online” streaming sites that had it available, but I don’t know where that falls under the “piracy” banner here at QT3 so I won’t go linking it.