Mad Max-Furry Road

I love that they’re going with an older Max.

I am of two minds on this. I do want to see a new Mad Max featuring very little dialog and a rugged looking Charlise Theron. But I think of Tom Hardy only as Bain. I don’t really want to know what he looks like outside the Bain make up and mask.

You’ve really never seen him in anything else? He isn’t a bad actor. I tend to roll my eyes at reboots of movies (even if I end up watching them anyway) but Hardy is one of the selling points of the Mad Max reboot for me.

Jesus, go watch Bronson, stat. Hardy is an amazing actor.

That photo is terribly disturbing.

It’s impossible to pick a worst thing about it. The ripped abs fox-thing. The jive-talking kangaroo (evidenced by his sunglasses) wearing studded leather bracers or the horse guy who half assed it and showed up in jeans.

My personal pick is the ripped abs fox-thing. It’s the color stain designed to accentuate the pecs and the belly button that pushes that one over the edge for me.

So he’s a mule then?

I guess I walked right into that one.

That old dude really put the cart before the horse.