Mad Max: Fury Road

Apparently Charlize Theron is going to star in Mad Max: Fury Road. No word on whether or not Mel Gibson will be in it.

We’ll see. This movie pops up every few months but never starts filming. Once they get to the actual filming stage (still almost a year away according to that article) then I’ll take it more seriously.

I don’t have high hopes for it, though. I’m trying to imagine a reason to do another one.

We don’t need another hero.

Also, I thought I’d add that while George Miller has done some other interesting things (though they are a LOT different: see “Babe” and “Happy Feet”), there are a lot of people who argue that it was the collaboration between Miller and producer Byron Kennedy that made the first two Max films work. Sadly Kennedy was killed in an accident shortly after “Road Warrior” was finished. Miller did the much more poorly received “Thunderdome” on his own, but refused to actually direct anything other than the action sequences. He may have had legitmate reasons for that, but I do think it odd that years later he wants to do another Max film.

But I’m also jaded by all the delays and my feeling that a Max film without Gibson isn’t going to work.

How do you make a Mad Max movie without Max? Isn’t that like an Indiana Jones movie without Indy?

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Yeah, as low as my opinion of Mel Gibson is these days, it would be stupid and pointless to make another without him as the main actor/character.

I can see them doing something along the lines of what Clint Eastwood did last year, with the thinly veiled “Dirty Harry in Retirement” movie. That might be an interesting take on Max–what does the Road Warrior do when civilization has been saved, but now there’s no place for him in it?

Blame the Jews?

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Dammit, I was gonna say that.

Ain’t we a pair, raggedy man.

Two days ago I saw a rig that would haul that tanker

And that probably would have made a better movie?

Personally, I’d rather have Babe 3.

Really, I would - Babe: Pig in the City is one of the best sequels of all-time and one of the few that tops its predecessor (not to mention the precursor to the darker family cinema like Where the Wild Things Are and Pixar as of late).

Babe: Pig in the City made my daughter cry. She watched the first one sometimes 2 times a day…but we never got thru more than 15 minutes of the sequel.

It’s essentially a fully realized version of the fantasy film Terry Gilliam has tried to make for the last fifteen years.

Also, Tom Hardy is apparently replacing Mel. In this case, I’m excited and you should be too.

No. Just…no.

Where can I get this movie?

He marries Charlize Theron, has a kid with her, gets in to a fight with bandits, they kill his family and then he wrecks “civilization” getting revenge.

You know, I could see that being the plot.

Or maybe Charlize dies and he has to take his kid on a long walk for survival. :-)

Miller might as well do the whole thing as a rebooot rather then try and somehow make a successor story. The talk in recent years about the main character being either Max’s son or his clone or whatever just sound horrible to me.