Mad Max the SysAdmin beyond Superdome

In a world where nature’s fury has wreaked havoc,
Where civilization had descended into chaos,
Where the very institutions that we look to betray us,
One man still survives.

In a world where you can trust no one,
The SysAdmin Stands Alone!

Alright, bad humor aside, it is kinda neat, in a mad max sort of way. High redundancy ISP refuses to shut down. With a diesel generator powering the complex, they prevail.

And they blog about it.

Guy definitely has a bugout survival thing going on. Then again, if the police were looting, and threatening people in order to so, so would I.

He’s not the sysadmin, he’s the crisis manager.

Awesome blog. Awesome live feed web cam.

Funny, that’s our registrar… we have something like 100 domains with them. I knew they kicked ass, but not that much. They’ve got my biz for life. :)

I’m turning in a story about them in the morning. (Been working on it all night, talking to Mike “Interdictor” Barnett among others.)

They’re fucking nuts. As an ex-data center sysadmin, I want to have their babies. If they are really going to make a stand, I might go down there and try to do a longer piece.

Are you writing for an online pub? If so, link us to your story when it goes up, Joel!


The story just went up,2782,68725,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_1

I’d like to tip my meat hat to Zabuni, whose ‘Beyond Superdome’ line is actually on the front page of (but not on the story itself).

Amazing story. The OC3 situation is dire right now, but I’m really rooting for them.

Kick ass story man.

I might be wrong, but isnt the item billed as a lamp post wrapped around the parkingmeter in one of the six pictures the picture of a drainage pipe (or rain gutter or whatever it is called).

Edit: I am refering to Joels article.

You very well may be right.

Great story, I wonder if they finally went down, the link in the article to the photos and something awful get me page cannot be displayed errors. Seems like the homepage is still up though.

Going to has a static page describing how they’re down.

And then they lay into the entire government for fucking up.

Nice to know I’m not the only one depending on servers in New Orleans.

You’re also depending on the fiber being kept lit up in NO. The OC3 is going down tomorrow unless the backbone provider can get some more diesel fuel.