Madame Web - The other spider woman

Yeah, when I saw that Ellen and Luke were gonna tackle it, I was like “How bad could this have been?” Turns out…

The next Sony Marvel project is Kraven & its interesting to read Taylor-Johnson already address the whole “franchise vs creative endeavour” dilemma that apparently scuppered Madame Web.

“Taking on a Sony / Marvel movie is a different challenge altogether. There’s the story, the character, the role; that’s one thing. But then you also step into a world where you’re dealing with a studio and a franchise — or possible franchises, though let’s not get ahead of ourselves. So, they’re rolling the dice on me, in a sense, which is a lovely thing. But you’ve got to appease the studio, please the audience and do what’s dignified for you as an actor. I find all of that super challenging.”

(my bolding)

Now coming to Netflix on May 14th. A month earlier than previously announced.

Now you can all share my pain.

Heh - on first glimpse I read that as Madame Web 2 and they were already releasing a trailer for a sequel!

Huh, I wonder what Sony paid Netflix to take Madame Web off their hands for streaming?

“Don’t make us release it on Sony Pictures Core! Think of the hit to our reputation!”

This wasn’t a special deal. Sony has an overall deal with Netflix.

Now that’s a birthday gift I didn’t foresee! (pun intended)

I have no interest in watching this movie on streaming. Though, funnily enough, I did just watch Nando vs. Movies talk for almost an hour about the weird ADR in this.

… I may need help.

I don’t know. I used to watch and enjoy the ‘making of’ extras for every movie I saw regardless of the quality of the film itself. Something about watching the effort put into it makes it more palatable then just watching the movie. There’s learning or interest to be had even when things go bad.


The Gimp dresses up?

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