Madden 06 Bug

This is just funny. The Sept 16 roster update had a tiny little bug in it. Michael King (offensive right guard) of the NY Jets wasnt exactly the right size…


Lol, that is a great bug. :D

Such large pictures… such a little man. :shock:

We had that happen with a build of Flight Unlimited III, all the flyable planes were 200’ long. Nothing like your P-51 dwarfing a 767:) . kept that build.

That’s great. I thought that first picture was posted in error (or that the guy was marginally the wrong size) before I realized there were multiple pictures. I guess that’s not a piece of litter on the practice field in the first shot…

Can he tackle a full size player? Can he catch the ball?

Looks like he was holding a block in the one screenshot.

The Nac Mac Feegle play american football ? I pity the human players, some fights cant be won.