Madden 11 Online Team 3 v 3 interest/scheduling Thread

Hey guys. I’m doing a 3 v 3 game in about 15 minutes. Message Lenkeninja for an invite.

Also, I wanted to get a list of players interested in this game mode. It’s something I’ve wanted to try for a while, and thought I’d go for Qt3ers before going online into a dreaded Madden PUG.

Send me a message, post here, friend me on XBLA, and I will keep you updated.


cant play 2night but would be interested SirFozzie2 on xbl

I’m definitely interested – would anyone be interested in trying a weeknight? Say, Tues or Thurs?

Yes, we can try and work around the Lions Preseason schedule. Sheesh! Who plays in the 2nd 3rd and 4th quarters of those games anyway, the local Rotary Club?

In the case of the Lions’ secondary, they are seeing action in the 1st quarter.

I’d like to play. I am free most weekday evenings between 7-11pm est.

XBL Tag: denoginizer

Tuesday night would work perfectly for me.

I work weird hours (2-10 Tues-Thur, 6 PM-2AM remotely fri-sat) but whatever you guys can pull…

Foz! I don’t know if that is PST, EST, or GMT. Let us know.

Tuesday night at 7:00 PST is good for me. Would love to send you an invite! I’ll look for you all then. If you don’t get a msg from me, send me a friend request or XBL msg.

3 on 3…here we come!!!


I get home around 10:30, but I’ll hop on as soon as I can

Sounds good

I’m in for tonight.

That time should be able to work for me too.

I’ll be around.

Lets go for 7:30 since we have our 6 people that way. I’ll log on around 20 after and start sending invites.


Stafford --> Megatron is a well nigh unstoppable combination!

That was way more fun than I expected :)

Jahvid Best’s 186 yard, 2 TD performance certainly helped.

Especially that overtime winner, on third and inches. What was that, a 60-yarder?

I was happy just to pick up the first down. I had no idea the guy was going to break five tackles and stay on his feet.

The Bears did a great job forcing OT, though, going down the field for a TD and a two-point conversion at the end of the fourth.

They probably should have had the lead, anyway. What the hell was up with that touchdown reception by Johnson? He was so far out of bounds he was practically in the stands, before warping back into the end zone to pick the ball out of the air after Charles Tillman bobbled the INT.

shit. I just got home (the joy of a tech support job, especially when the people on the shift with me already have cases). Hope it will happen again, soon :)

I suspect it’ll become a weekly thing, at least for the next few weeks :)

Fuzzyslug, Xaroc and I got in a couple of games against the AI, (until Fuzz got bumped).

Defense is probably always going to be an adventure in this mode, but our offense is wired tight. Looking forward to playing some humans.