Madden 11 -- Qt3 Fantasy League

Ok, let’s get this show on the road.

The league is created and named “Qt3Fantasy”. If you can’t find it via search I’ll send out invites. There is no password.

The divisions we are using to start are the AFC WEST, AFC SOUTH, and AFC NORTH. I’d like to group owners as close together as possible.

The fantasy draft will be held this Sunday, February 20th, at 8pm EST. Start drawing up your draft boards now. :)

The rules are gonna be the same as the other Madden league:

  1. Using a mic is mandatory when playing other humans.
  2. Don’t cheese it up. Play Madden like it was a football game, not a video game.

The day after the fantasy draft when teams and owners are set, I’ll add all owners to the league in LeagueManager. This is the website that we will use for all the advanced features: stats, free agency, salary cap, contracts, etc… Owners will use this website for all league functions and transactions (trading being the only exception). Most of you should already have a login for this site. Those that don’t let me know and I will set it up for you.

I’ll update this post if I forget something.

NOTE: The league will roll forward every Sunday evening.

Current owner roster:

AFC South

Colts - Talisker
Titans - Hypnotoad42
Jaguars - Omniscia
Texans - hellens

AFC West

Chargers - BroadwayJoe
Broncos - Jpinard
Raiders - OPEN
Chiefs - Fuzzyslug

AFC North

Steelers - OPEN
Ravens - OPEN
Browns - BulletBlueSky
Bengals - VegasLife

I’m not sure I’m able to make the draft. But I am interested. I’d like the Texans, but if someone who can make it wants them go ahead and give it up.

You got em, hellens.

Also, a note on participation:

This league is very flexible. It isn’t a big deal at all to join late or drop out after a spell because your time becomes tight. If the time commitment is such that you can’t be a part of the league anymore, I just ask that you drop out in-game and post a note in this thread about it so everyone is in the loop.

But, since this is a fantasy league, the fantasy draft is incredibly important. It is your chance as an owner to form your (close to) ideal team. If anyone has even a slight interest in participating in this league now or down the road, I encourage you to claim a team and join us for the draft on Sunday.

It is a lot better to draft a team and then drop out later, than not draft and want to join later.

Man, I just spent the last hour or so doing a basic outline of my draft board, and it is kind of overwhelming. There is just no telling who is going to be around at different points once this draft starts.

I’m thinking of just saying fuck it and alternating defensive and offensive picks to do it all on the fly.

Since when were the Colts in the AFC East?

Also, what’s the draft order? Do we know yet?

Dammit, I knew I would mix that up. I blame Rimbo. I’ll post the draft order in a minute.

Here is the draft order pulled from the regular online franchise website. Remember that the fantasy draft snakes, so the team with the #1 pick won’t pick again until the end of round #2 and then again at the top of round 3.

Fantasy Draft Round #1:

  1. Packers
  2. Redskins
  3. Cowboys
  4. Bengals (Vegas)
  5. Chargers (BroadwayJoe)
  6. Colts
  7. Broncos (Jpinard)
  8. Titans (7x6)
  9. Bucs
  10. Saints
  11. Patriots
  12. Chiefs
  13. Panthers
  14. Bears
  15. Browns
  16. Ravens
  17. Rams
  18. Dolphins
  19. Steelers
  20. Giants
  21. Vikings
  22. Bills
  23. Raiders (Talisker)
  24. Texans (Hellens)
  25. Jets
  26. Cardinals
  27. Jaguars (Omnisica)
  28. Falcons
  29. Eagles
  30. Lions
  31. 49ers
  32. Seahawks

Woot, I get the 27th pick! That means I also get the 6th pick in the second round.

Kyle Orton here we come!

With your second pick, you should grab Randy Moss.

I’m hoping to make it and if I do, I’ll jump into an AFC team slot. Hopefully there will be some other late arrival owners :)

Awesome, Vegas. I’m opening up a 3rd division (AFC NORTH) because I get the impression we might have more than 8 owners show up for the draft. We are all gonna attempt to group together as best we can.

So, as Talisker’s experience last year proved, you can’t skimp on defense, either. Or your offensive line.

Don’t load up on offense too early.

I’ll take the Chiefs, or the Ravens, if we end up using the 3rd division.

It is gonna be tough to not jump on a lot of those offensive position players early.

Either is fine for now. Just claim one in-game and if we need to adjust tomorrow we will.

All owners need to hop on their 360s and join the franchise as soon as they get a free chance tonight or early tomorrow. I really want to avoid last second division balancing. Our luck a couple owners won’t get the message in time and people will be stuck in a division all by themselves.

A couple predictions for tomorrow’s draft:

  1. The AI controlled Packers will draft Aaron Rodgers with the 1st overall pick.
  2. Peyton Manning will drop farther in the 1st round than most think.
  3. Adrian Peterson is the highest rated HB in the league, but will not be the 1st or 2nd running back drafted.
  4. Someone will take a kicker and/or punter way too early.
  5. The cursing will start early in the 1st round. :)

Bonus fact:

The RT is the only position in the league where not one player is rated 90 or above.

Just a note to say that I am finding the offline franchise fantasy draft good practice. The AI changes up who they pick all the time, but there is definite patterns to their madness. For example. there is usually a run on QBs around round 10. Since there are a lot of AI owners in our online fantasy league, knowing their tendencies will go a long way in helping you get the players you want.

Ok guys, about an hour to go until the draft. Get in there and register ASAP so we can adjust divisions if necessary.