Madden 11 -- QT3 league

We’ll be playing Madden 11 on the 360; this league will be a “real rosters” league, run pretty much the same as last year (barring significant changes to the online leagues from '10 to '11).

There are two requirements for playing in the league:

  1. You must have a QT3 account – so games can be scheduled via PM and trash-talking can be done in the thread. If you haven’t posted in this thread, you’ll be removed from the league.

  2. Own & use a headset – playing against mute stone walls kinda sucks. You don’t have to be crazy chatty, you don’t have to even use it every game, but it’s polite to at least say “hi, can’t talk much, wife is asleep” or whatever when the game starts up.

I’ll create the league once after EA puts up the post-preseason roster update – IE, hopefully we’ll get rolling around Sept 8.

League name/password

QT3 / restoretheroar

Free Agent “draft”

After Weds 9/15, you can add/drop free agents as you see fit. Prior to the 15th, we will be following the free agent draft/schedule posted here:

League Settings

Skill: All-Pro
Quarter Length: 8 min
Accelerated Clock: 15 seconds
Injuries: On
Fatigue: On
Trading: On - no CPU trades
Weather: On

We aim to play one game per week, rolling over from one week to the next (and thus simming any unplayed games) on Sunday mornings.


Blatantly one-sided trading is not allowed – if someone’s doing poorly, and decides to give away all their starters, they will be removed from the league, as will the person who agrees to take 'em. Honest, serious trades only.

Weekly Schedule

The league will roll over from one week to the next on Sunday mornings.

Scheduling problems

If you are unable to reach your opponent to schedule your game, send a PM to both the commish (Talisker) and your opponent by Friday night at the absolute latest (to allow for communication prior to giving someone the boot). If you don’t say anything until Saturday, the game will be simmed.

Non-responsive owners will be removed from the league to allow their opponents to play vs. the AI. (Owners that are booted are welcome to re-assume team ownership if they come back online later)

Please notify the commish if you will be travelling or otherwise unavailable for a given week; as there doesn’t appear to be any way to set “unavailable” status to allow your opponent to play against your team’s AI, we’ll need to boot you from the league, and re-add you after you return.

In the event that two owners are flat-out unable to agree to a time to play, the game will be simmed when the week rolls over on Sunday morning. (if this becomes a recurring issue with anyone, yep, boot)

The Rules

As described by Ryan A here:

  1. try to play like it’s a football game rather than a video game. This means don’t run the same play over and over, don’t sprint your QB straight backwards, don’t try to “nano blitz” or otherwise cheese, don’t go for it on 4th unless it makes good football sense (4th and 1 on the the other guy’s 40 vs. 4th and 5 on your own 30).

  2. use a mic.

Please post your team choice and your gamertag.

If multiple people want the same team, preference goes to whoever had 'em in the Madden 10 league; beyond that, first come, first served. NOTE: This was only true up through 8/13 – everyone from last year should’ve claimed their teams by now.

Pro tip: if you don’t really have much team preference, aim for a division with as many other human players as possible, even if you take a horrible team. You’ll have way more fun, seriously. (Note which team I have – I know what I’m talking about here :)

Team – QT3 handle / gamertag


Ravens – fuzzyslug / fuzzyslug
Bengals – Matt Perkins / wzrd
Browns – Pumpkinhead / denoginizer

Titans – Mightynute / MightyNute
Colts – jpinard / jpinard

Bills – Erik J. / Angsterk
Dolphins – Omniscia / Omniscia

Chiefs – seventimessix / Hypnotoad42
Raiders – Cory / Cubit33
Chargers – BlueJackalope / BlueJackalope


Bears – dailin kal / dailin kal
Lions – Talisker / Talisker 18
Packers – Shmtur / Shmtur1
Vikings – VegasRobb / VegasLife


Giants – IkeVandergraaf / IkeV

Cardinals – Cold Shoulder
49ers – tyandtwenty / Tyandtwenty

Count me in. Dibs on the Steelers. This is our year!

Gamertag - MightyNute

Vikings (you’re welcome, Matt :)) / strummer007


Gamertag: Cubit33


Gamertag - Not One Of Us

Strummer actually took the money and ran, and I suddenly have a desire to play Jimmy Clausen, so I think I’ll take the Panthers. If someone else had their hearts set on them we can flip for it or something.

Team - Carolina Panthers
Gamertag - Hypnotoad42

tag - denoginizer

team - Browns

Definitely back in as the Packers.


I will continue with New Orleans, though I will mourn the loss of Sneed.

List updated; won’t update again until Monday, as I’ll be out of town over the weekend.



Gamertag: jpinard

I imagine people from the Madden 2010 league should have first right of refusal on their teams. If that’s not the case, or if BlueJackalope doesn’t want them anymore, my first choice is the Seahawks. If the Seahawks aren’t available, I’ll play with the 49’ers.

My tag is rakiyama. If I don’t have my 360 repaired and back by the time Madden 11 releases, I’ll just buy a new console. This league is my favorite thing about XBL.

People from the '10 league do get first dibs on their current teams, absolutely. Beyond that, whoever calls 'em first gets 'em if things can’t be sorted out amicably :)

For the record, I don’t have any attachment to the Browns. I only chose them in the 10 league so I’d have an excuse for any games that I lost. I will admit I’m a little bitter that my RROD prevented me from seeing just how far I could ride Giovanni Girley into the postseason.

So if I can’t get the Seahawks (BlueJackalope’s 2010 team) or the 49’ers, I’ll settle for whatever team gets me the most player vs. player games during the regular season. Maybe the Bears? I’m pretty sure the guy that played the Bears last season is anti headset or something so that should be a safe third choice

soo do get the vikings back? :) dibs and all, ya know.

Yep, you have first dibs on the Vikes, unless strummer manages to talk you out of 'em :)

Yay :)

Awwww, Cory looks so lonely in the AFC South.

I’ll move across the state and pick up the Fins. It’s quickly becoming my personal mission to run each and every Florida team into the ground.

Of course, I have no idea how to employ the Wildcat, so maybe I should ruin the Jags first.

So many questions on offense and defense!!!

But I can’t turn my back on the Eagles (even if I did cancel Sunday ticket so I would avoid their 7 and 9 record this year)

When are we starting this league? A few weeks after release like last year?