Madden NFL 10

(Edit: Qt3 franchise league info moved over here)

So this new online franchise mode… “realtime draft, true NFL scheduling with 31 of your favorite friends.” What if I have four friends, and don’t want to join a league with 28 other random people? Anyone know if you can AI/sim/whatever the other slots, or does each league have to have 32 people, period?

I believe the AI can take up spots.

I know Madden has been a let down in years past, but I’m personally really excited for Madden 10. Its not the major new bullet-point features (although online franchise is pretty cool) that have me excited, but the fundamental gameplay changes that lead developer Ian Cummings and co. have made. They have really made the game play more realistically and dynamically, and a lot closer to how 2k used to do things. Check out these developer blogs. Some really cool writeups and videos here. This isn’t the flashy stuff, but it totally makes the biggest difference in the experience, imo.

Yes and you can switch from week to week. If an owner quits or loses interest you can switch is team to AI control or replace him with another person. NCAA 09 had this last year and it works very well.

NCAA football would be perfect for that. You could have 15 friends all in the same “league” playing their favourite schools, and none of them would ever have to play each other. And then the game could tell you who won!

here is a roundup of day 1 e3 videos.

here is a nice, detailed Q&A about online franchise:

I lol’d.

Awesome, thanks :)

This looks exactly like what I’ve been hoping to see for ages (and Jim Preston kept saying nobody actually wanted, nyah! :P). Haven’t bought Madden the past couple years, but definitely will for this.

Yep me too. Can’t wait!

Me too. I think a Qt3 online franchise will fill up pretty quickly.

I’d be all over it as long as we play on the 360.

here is a full quarter of play. i like how they’ve slowed down the pace of the game a little. plays seem to develop more naturally.

Looks more and more like the 2K series every year.

(That’s a good thing.)

Talisker and I are getting it for 360.


Man, it’s looking real good now. Last Madden I played was 2003. I liked the way the fumble turned into a pig-pile, with the ref pushing players away, then making the dramatic call.

Could be time to get back into football…

Edit: Oh well, doesn’t appear to be a PC version in the works :(

I just hope they dont’ have to release some massive patch 2 months down the road that make everyone reset all their franchises.

Yeah, I’ll buy this Madden. And I’d like to join up with the qt3 online franchise. It was a lot of fun with NFL2k5.

edit: I want the Colts.

Dibs on the Cardinals.