Maddox slaps down Sony

In before the “Maddox sucks, I’m funnier than he is” postravaganza that is sure to ensue!

This guy is like K0NY’s polar opposite.

my kids are funnier than maddox

I’ve never met them, and I agree.

Oh, he was trying to be funny? I thought he was just frothing.

I’m a maddox fan, and that rant was still pretty weak. It actually sounded like, you know, for once he was trying to say something for real.

Maddox only froths. His frothing amuses.

Doesn’t he get any points for the defecation graphic?

This quote, along with who it came from, should serve as ample warning to anyone thinking of clicking that link.

I have no idea what this means.

I think Extarbags thinks you’re not funny and have a history of liking things that also aren’t funny. Perhaps a reference to some webcomic-related posts?

He does from me.

If he cut out all but the first and third paragraphs, it wouldn’t be all that bad.

That’s awesome. I mean, just amazingly awesome. For him to actually establish me as the standard for unfunny like this, to call me out… it’s even better than flattery.

It’s kind of like… it’s like that quote from UT football coach Mack Brown: “There’s no question that some of our opponents hate us more than they like themselves.”

It’s too honest to be flattery – it’s a genuine compliment. Wow! I am truly and honestly flattered that someone would think I’m that special.

Ha! Now there’s something that should give someone pause before clicking on the link! Hahahahahaha!

I’d high-five Gary, but he’s too far away. And probably doesn’t want to touch me, anyhow. :)

Well, duh!

Yep. That’s pretty un-funny, Major “Buzz-kill” Rimbo.

Who the fuck is maddox and why should I care?

haven’t hit their ‘goth’ depression state yet, have they.