Just want to give you guys a heads up, since you might not have heard of this.

There’s this really weird and extreme finnish travelling show, which can soon be seen in the Travel Channel and Fiver. It’s the craziest show I’ve seen.

I think wikipedia explains it best:

"The show focuses on traveling off the beaten track and exploring the true nature of different cultures around the world. The travel documentary is made on a relatively low budget with no major production crew but rather just the two presenters traveling together with the shooting equipment.

The show is renowned for its “Mad Cook” section, in which the travelers attempt to eat some of the least favored dishes around the world (including for example eating monkey brains in the Amazon rainforest and dog in Bali), mostly resulting in vomiting and humorously distorted facial expressions."

It’s a weird mix of absurd (and hilarious) humor, insights of the human condition and discussion of what one should do in life.

The two first seasons were done in finnish only, but the third is going to be bigger deal, and they speak in english.

Here’s the season 3 trailer which I think summarizes the idea:

And if this got you interested, best bits from season 2, subbed in english:
part 1
part 2
part 3

Also, they don’t shy away from anything, and you shouldn’t watch this if you can’t handle animals being slaughtered for food, naked people, vomiting etc. Also, theres a lot of cussing.