Mafia 3 - More RICO antics

Based on the cars in the background, it looks like we’re going to the Goodfellas era.

Will we get in-game collectible Playboy pin-ups?

I won Mafia 2 in a contest here some while back. I thought it was pretty fun, enjoyed the hotel shootout where you go in through the window.

I loved Mafia 2. I thought the story was really well done and the punch to the gut at the end of the story is a gaming moment I’ll never forget. I couldn’t care less about the collectibles but I hope they have a good writing team and would like to see them have more to do out in the city if they continue the open worldish style of Mafia 2.

Mafia II was a strange open-world game where you were encouraged to do very, very little in the open world. I recall one section that forced you go to make some money before you could continue, and that was pretty much the end of it. I don’t even recall meaningful optional opportunities.

But that was all fine, as the main storyline and gameplay were quite good.

Sadly, I feel every open world game set in modern(ish) times, will compete against GTA 5 in scope. At least for me, setting the bar rather high.

I absolutely loved Mafia 2. Didn’t finish it though as something else came up. I think this weekend I have an appointment with my 360 and some organized crime…

Mafia 1 is a masterpiece, Mafia 2 would be a masterpiece if half of the game wasn’t cut out. It was still damn fine, atmospheric, well written shooter with best car physics ever though.

However many of the people behind first two games are at Warhorse working on Kingdom Come, including the writer and creative director, so I am not super excited just yet. Willing to get pleasantly surprised though - yes.

I’m having a hard time seeing this masterpiece you speak of, even if you take missing content into account. All I remember from Mafia 2 is extremely mundane driving from bed to cutscene and then back.

I enjoyed Mafia 2’s missions, but I felt the open world was wasted. They made a really great looking open-world city, chock full of period detail, with nothing much to do outside of the story. Once you were done, you were done.

It was kind of an open world that wasn’t, if that makes any kind of sense. You could drive or walk pretty much anywhere but there was nothing out there, unless you just really liked looking for pinups. And who, you know, would, uh, do that?

I remember a lot more, like the stunningly atmospheric arrival to Christmasy Empire Bay with WW2 planes flying overhead, or very well done connection to Mafia 1, or the amazing mission with Vito and Joe being drunk with a dead body in the trunk, or the whole prison chapter with beautiful transition from wintery forties into summery fifties with everything changing accordingly…
Plus I loved the driving, the car physics in Mafia 2 is still the best I have seen in city action game, on simulation setting that it.

Mafia 2 is not really an open world game in the traditional sense. It is linear cinematic shooter and driving game with the city built to support the atmosphere and sense of place. And it did wonders for that. Still, it should have been much bigger. Original script had four endings and story branching. Melee combat much more extensive. The intro Sicily chapter was supposed to be much longer, as did most other chapters. Etc.

This is the game Hangar 13 have been working on.

“Every Player Story is Unique.” We believe that a game should never be a fixed experience fed to the player, but something that is shaped by the game developers and the player together, every time the game is played. At Hangar 13, we want to make (and play) games that allow players the freedom to define everything from the moment-to-moment gameplay to the narrative, creating their own, unique player stories along the way.

They have tons of ex-1313 and 2K Czech developers at their Novato studio. According to a casting call early last year, the game takes place in Louisiana and features 3 protagonists.

Well said my friend, finally someone who gets it. Plus the game had other improvements such as better lockpicking, better stealth, melee, car tuning, character customization.

And as you said, the physics are best for an action game, period. I mean you can simply build a race track in the game, and the game is ready to be sold as a sim. The damn tyres deflate as you put weight on them. 95% of racing sims dont have that.

Rod Ferguson was heading the studio before Haden Blackman took over in late 2012.

“I moved my whole family to San Francisco, put my kids in a new school, all that stuff,” Fergusson says. 2K had a project for the studio, which quickly went into preproduction as Fergusson began building the team. “We inherited a project. They had some things they were doing internally that aren’t announced yet,” he says, adding that he expects the project will be announced soon. “It was an existing IP we were trying to bring stuff to.”

“After six months, it was pretty clear that I was not in line with some of the leadership at 2K,” Fergusson says. He says that management believed he wasn’t changing enough about the IP. “We were not going to be able to make the best things going forward. Philosophically, we were just out of line.”

Anyone who had anything to do with that pure diarreheic trash that was Force Unleashed really does not give me much confidence :(

Debut trailer’s up. Developed by Hangar 13, shipping 2016.

It’s 1968 and the rules have changed. After years in Vietnam, Lincoln Clay knows this truth: Family isn’t who you’re born with, it’s who you die for.

Liked the look of the trailer and man the roar of that car engine, so good. I doubt I’ll day one this, but it’s definitely on my radar.

Some gameplay snippets here. Game Informer demo impressions with more shots.

Interesting choice that you’re outside the (Italian) Mafia working against it this time. I guess that’s not going to please everybody as it’s a volte-face from the point of the series but the game looks very cool anyway.

I’m actually interested in this thanks to the switch to a OG Saints Row style gang versus gang setup.