Mafia 3 - More RICO antics

10 bucks on GOG…

If that’s the semi-official looking one I’m thinking of (with a nice-looking web page and all, that basically said, do this first, then this etc.) I think it went away at some point. I had a tab open to it for a long time and one day it came back with a 404. n/m it’s still there!

I want to try that mod out as well.

That’s a steal if it’s the whole-shebang edition. Paging @Gladguy who may still be in the market for it.

Hey, thanks @Papageno! I’ll have a look at it, but I haven’t bought a game in a long time. MS Game Pass & Ubisoft+ have me covered these days!

Hey no worries, my backlog is huge already too, but you said you’d enjoyed what you played of it. Same here. I love the spot-on 1960’s feel, the Detroit steel cars, the music, and the unabashed portrayal of the problems of the period (although I turned 7 in 1968 and definitely did not live in New Orleans or similar, so what do I know).

I wasn’t sure where to put this, since there’s no announcement of the actual game yet. But the Mafia 3 developer’s next game should be announced later this month, and it sounded interesting.

Mafia 3 studio Hangar 13 is said to be working on a title described as “Cthulhu meets Saints Row” while XCOM developer Firaxis is reportedly creating a Marvel-themed turn-based strategy game. And while Take-Two offered no hint as to nature of its “new franchise” in its earnings call, this month’s Gamescom digital event seems a likely candidate for a full reveal.

This thread reminds me that I’ve gotta get back to this game sometime. I enjoyed what I played of it a lot. Love the mix of 1960’s optimism with the oppressiveness of the Southern heat combined with the resentment of unreconstructed racists suddenly getting a bit of their comeuppance 90 years too late. Also love driving around those Detroit-built land yachts on leaf-spring suspensions that passed for cars back then.

Lincoln’s car was the only car for me. I had great control over that beast. Others felt too heavy, or worse, WAY too light.

Trying this out now. 17 hours in having fun.

It’s weird to go back to an old game’s thread and read all the pre-release speculation, launch-day angst, gradual discovery, final impressions, then retrospectives, opinions on patches, DLCs… and then you start the game :)

Mafia 3 may be a bit flawed in its repetitive mission structure and low effort sidemissions, but god damn if it isn’t an amazingly atmospheric and enjoyable action game regardless.
I finished it twice and fully intend to go for a third time on my full trilogy replay sometime.

Played a full trilogy run through recently after the Mafia 1 Remastered release and #3 is still me favourite. Everything Paul_cze says about repetitive missions, etc. is totally valid, but it’s a fantastic game with a great storyline.

My ideal game would be a Mafia 4/Empire of Sin crossover with the strategic gameplay of EoS but tactical gameplay of Mafia.

This is so good I want to play the first but… I have no idea if I already have or not. I’m semi sure it was the second I played and I don’t seem to own the first so…

The first game was remastered, I only played a bit of it and do hope to return, as it sure was visually stunning. :)

Unskippable credits? Good will evaporaaaatiiiing…

You only find out at the end. ;)

Opening credits? Just curious, why would you want to skip those? It’s worldbuilding via tourist commercial/interviews. Plus, it’s Sam & Dave, man!

Ending credits.

Can’t you just force-quit? Alt-F4? Or if it really doesn’t want to play nice, End Task in the Task Manager.

I remember wanting those ending credits after playing this. It was such a good game. It deserved its outro.

Well, shit, I really wanted to like this.

After hours of general flakiness, settings that wouldn’t stick, and far too many restarts from checkpoints, the game got about halfway through telling me about some important new development and then failed to proceed. I just hope I didn’t pass any “no refund” threshold.

Disappointing. 1 and 2 were idiosyncratic, but very enjoyable.