Mafia - Got it?


Perhaps they should just get rid of the numbers and summaries and replace them with a flashing ‘Just buy it NOW!’ button. The more stupid people playing Hooters Road Trip, the fewer stupid people playing Battlefield 1942.



Yeah I agree. Gamespot generally has good reviews. But they REALLY have to go to a new scoring system. I’d be happy with the generic 5 star ala CG GDR AV etc. Whats wrong with it? What makes an 8.1 better than an 8.0? Weird.



Our’s go to 10.

8.1? It’s .1 better.



Eurogamer friggin’ hated this game:



I’m waiting for a review scale that goes to 11.


The reviewer makes good points, especially on that garage level which is definitely incredibly frustrating, and likely the culmination of all the stupid problems with the game.

But I didn’t experience the huge amount of bugs he did. I lost the tail fine without having to kill anybody; I didn’t have to drive any specific car out of the garage level and there was a first aid station right in the middle of the levels; I never saw an intersection where cars all rammed into lamp posts; I didn’t find the AI any worse that GTA3, and in fact found it superior; I found that the multiple wanted levels made a LARGE difference in whether you were really going to get away with your crime. I found the car speeds equally irritating, but I don’t understand how you could make a prohibition-era Mafia game without them.

On the other hand I thought the “brilliant” storyline was restrictive and uncompelling. Not horrible like a Max Payne, but just sort of there.


Smaller maps and more detail. I’m only at the beginning, but there was no reason why I had to taxi people from one side of the map to the other EXCEPT to familiarize me with the freaking huge city. I could be wrong, maybe it becomes essential later on, but the driving model would work better with a smaller area to roam in. Just a theory.


It’s already been done…

Alternately… and click on the RPG critic link. Their games go to 11! so why shouldn’t their review scale?



i have never played GTA3, but this game is drawing a lot of comparisons between itself and that game.

so w/o having played GTA3, here is how i see Mafia:

  1. i run i guess what is considered in the gaming world as an “out-dated rig.” i have a Celeron 566 which is OC’d to 850. i have 512mg of RAM and a GeForce 2 card. all that said, i installed the game, changed the resolution to 1024x768 and let ‘er rip. and guess what? game looks sharp and doesn’t frame - at all. what’s this mean for all you geeks running some of the top o’ the line PCs? well, judging from what i have read, this game is simply gorgeous on GeForce 2100 and up cards. it looks good on my old tech, so i can see where they are coming from with that opinion.

  2. i guess the merger (i.e. see Vivendi) between movies and games is almost complete. all big title games now start with “movie intro” including actors names, producers, directors, programmers, artist, etc and Mafia is no different. this intro is really nice. how nice? so nice that Illusion added an option in the menu to just play the intro, even though you get to watch it in game in the first chapter. i watched it twice. along with the visual intro is the audio intro: what can only be described as a “score” just like movies have. all in all - very impressive way to start a game.

  3. there is a pre-game tutorial where you can try out all the usual moves you might need in game, from 3rd person movement to 3rd person driving. good little workout to teach you b/c if you are like me, the driving with a keyboard is going to take some getting used to.

  4. then there is the game. i am only in chapter two, but so far the story is interesting…although i feel that i am really just working in a plan to learn the city right now before the real action starts. still, seems fun to me and i am interested in continuing play.

so far it’s been real enjoyable. coupled with the reviews that are out there, i think it is going to be a real winner.

for more info:


I’d just like to point out that Mafia is from the same people who did Flying Heroes. So there.



Bah.Mafia is just Quake with Dons.


I’d just like to point out that Mafia is from the same people who did Flying Heroes. So there.

And Hidden & Dangerous.

…I don’t get it, however.


Don’t like it. It is like gta3, but the play feels more limited - you have to worry about fuel and the physics are a little stiffer - it’s just not as fun as the over-the-top play of gta3.

Also: following Chet’s little “put the best features of the game in the first 15 minutes” rule, I’d like to point out that I spent the first fifteen minutes watching cutscenes that turned out to be logos for the various game companies involved. Not good.



I really don’t understand how this game got such positive reviews. For the entire four hours I put into the game, I was alternating between bored and annoyed.

Great concept, great production values, but unless your idea of great gameplay is interactive cutscenes… then pass.


This masterpiece finally got released digitally after being absent for 5 years. The price? Missing licensed music. But it can be super easily restored.

The game:

The music:

Some screens with draw distance mod:

Not true actually :)
Flying Heroes were made by Pterodon who did Vietcong, it is a different team and different people than those that did Mafia. There was some personel overlap between Mafia and Hidden and Dangerous, although Mafia had different game director and most leads.

ps: of course the last post in the thread from 15 years ago is wumpus complaining about the game, haha


Hell of a thread necro, Paul!

I don’t think I’ve ever checked, but does the version of Mafia on Steam still have the music? I got it a long time ago when it was available, but its not been on sale for a good while.


I pre ordered Mafia 2 years ago and one of the pre order Bonus is having Mafia 1 in Steam. But they don’t have it for sale as far as I recall. Happy to see that the people in GOG is bringing it back.



I searched for “Mafia” and this thread title seemed most apt :)

Afaik Mafia on Steam does have the licensed music in it.
GOG version also has the original soundtrack, but the Django etc stuff has to be re-added.


This is one game where I enjoyed the intro soundtrack very much. Thanks for the necro, I just downloaded and listened to it!


The whole soundtrack is beautiful. My personal favourite compositions are Calm and Fate