Mafia: Trilogy, including full remake of masterpiece Mafia: City of Lost Heaven

Pre-patch. I finally beat it after hundreds of attempts.

Fair play. I think I gave up after innumerable attempts and came back post-patch.

Agreed. After that race, the game was excellent.

Holy wow. Mafia was the reason I bought my first ever video card upgrade. It’d be kinda neat if it provided a reason for another one.

This. Django was a huge part of Lost Heaven’s atmosphere.

Hopefully, they don’t stray too far on any of the audio. Re-recording the voices with new actors or changing the music would seriously impact things. Hopefully, it’s a graphical remaster.

Mafia 1 is so good. Glad to see it getting some HD love.

All this chatter made me realize I owned Mafia 1 and 3 but not 2. Just nabbed it on Humble.

The best and saddest part of 2 is the link to 1. I love how they linked the two games, way before 2 was conceived. Plus they linked 2 to 3, really makes it feel like a trilogy, which is how they are spinning it now.

I think 2 suffers a bit just by comparison to the first, but I really enjoyed it. I’ll bite on the rerelease.

Totally. All three games are worth playing. 1 & 2 on remaster and 3 if you can. But if anyone (unlikely) hasn’t played them, play them in order. There is a continuation of story (spoiler free) .

Cool – didn’t know that. I’m guessing you switch repeatedly to the present day and some rando is wired into a simulation allowing him to relive the lives of his ancestor Mafiosos in their different timelines as they killed Lincoln, Kennedy and Julius Caesar as part of the cult of the Mafia.

Can we please keep spoilers to the spoilers thread?

This is my first thought, too. Loved the game (and finished it at the time), but that scarred me.

I am definitely pre-ordering this! I tried replaying Mafia I recently and the graphics looked too dated for my tastes. Mafia II is another story… still looks great, with an insanely far draw distance.

I do recall combat often being frustrating. Especially after you die and you realize the mission is starting all the way back at the beginning.

I hope the original soundtrack by Vladimír Šimůnek will be fully preserved, you can’t improve upon perfection.

Agreed. While the Django Reinhardt music is what springs to mind first about the games sound, I adore the original score. Really, one of the best.

So Mafia 2 “remaster” is being played and streamed on twitch. Even with patch 1.01 it suffers from low framerate, audio problems…and this wonderful thing, constantly plastered on your screen until you create 2K account and give 2K your information:

Fuck me. How can they be so dumb? It was already annoying as fuck having to skip the account creation every time I launched Mafia 3.

It looks like Mafia 2 DE is just a quickie HD port. I guess I’ll just wait for the first game rerelease which seems to be a much bigger overhaul.

Who is that lady? That’s nuts. Why would anybody professional put that in front of a player?

Lol thats Ozzy.

Oh, wow, I just laughed so hard. Thank you.