MAF's High Profile Anime Sale - 2003 - Extreme Liquidation

Hi everyone. I need a new TV. Im poor, so im selling all but 2 series. Im keeping all of Slayers and Tsukikage Ran and my various anime movies. The series to go! +5 dollars to all for blasted shipping USPS. UPS will LOSE these, I know how they work.

1.) Cowboy Bebop DVDs 1-6 (70 dollars) – w/Best Sessions for 75 dollars

*Best Sessions is simply a collection of Director Picks and Fan Pics with reworked audio n stuff like that. Nothing new here, but still a nice little extra for 5 dollars.

2.) Evangelion DVDs 1-8 + Death n Rebirth/End of Evangelion (80 dollars)

3.) Excel Saga DVDs 1-6 (75 dollars) sorta high cause its a new release

4.) Lost Universe 1-6 (60 dollars) *the budget series, but still a fun space adventure show.

All are of course in fantastic condition, and the previous buyers in my last sale were more than happy with my packing methods.


I have Evangelion 1-8, let me know if you want to sell the other two seperately and what they’d go for.

What would the shipping be to Europe?
And how are you taking payments?

I’ll take the cowboy bebop set w/ the perfect sessions. Let me know where to send payment etc. my e-mail is [email protected]. Remove the NOSPAM obviously. :)

Is the evangelion still available? I think it’s time to upgrade from my VCD’s…