Magazine article aggregator?

Someone posted a link a while back about a magazine article aggregator that would rip the text from publications and paste it online (free). There was a discussion about the ethics of it, but what I’m interested in is using it for a class.

I can’t find it, because my search-fu is weak. Any help?

You’re aware that this board is run by someone who earns a living by publishing articles in magazines, right?

I’m interested in is using it for a class.

Yeah, I don’t really think oinkfs is planning on showing off tasty tidbits of CGM in class.

I don’t remember where that was, seems like something out of one of the early Oblivion threads or something. May have to search the old board.

  • Alan

Thanks guys! For clarification: I’m searching popular media for different portrayals of people with disabilities.

The library will probably get scavenged through eventually as well, but this is a great starting point (and convenient).