Which ones do you read/subscribe to and why?

Anyone that comes to my house for free.
Because its free.

I dont think I have paid for a video game sub for about 3 years now. Same with FHM and Maxim.


That’s about it nowadays

Chronicle of Higher Education and Computer Games Magazine plus some academic journals.

The Ziff Davis gaming magazines are coming to my house for free now, but when that expires I will subscribe to CGW.


I have a free subscription to CGW and I’m about to renew PC Gamer US.

edit - Oh and the why…

I found a way to get a free subscription to CGW on SlickDeals so I figured why the hell not? I haven’t even been inundated with spam so it’s worked out well.

I started getting PC Gamer in January 1999 and I enjoy the writing and the people. I didn’t renew my subscription last year but I plan on doing so this week. I don’t suppose there’s much hope of a DVD edition for subscribers any time soon.

Old House Journal
Game Developer

I need to re-up my game rag subs; I’ve been grabbing them from the newsstand, but that’s expensive when you do it every month. Ditto for Shonen Jump and Cooking Light. Things I pick up more irregularly:

The Artist’s Magazine
Wine Spectator
Computer Arts and it’s ilk

Free subscriptions to CGW and EGM, cheap subscription to CGM because everyone who writes for it posts here, pretty much. Mother Jones and The Progressive because they’re both… uh… pretty good.

Computer Games
Computer Gaming World
PC Gamer
Scientific American
Aviation Week & Space Technology
Janes Defence Weekly
Maximum PC
Against the Odds
National Geographic
National Geographic Adventure
Men’s Journal
ESPN The Magazine
Popular Science
Now Playing (I think)

It’s a lot… many of these I get through various online sites that have major discount programs that utilize spam mail basically… but it gets filtered to a nonsense email account so like I care, sure, why not, a $5 sub.

— Alan

The Week is awesome. It’s a neat summary of EVERYTHING.

The Economist - Excellent global coverage, as well an interesting perspective on US issues and politics.

CGW - An inexplicable, intermittent non-subscription in some kind of brutal magazine battle with an inexplicable, intermittent CGM non-subscription.

Journal of Applied Psychology.

Computer Games Magazine
Computer Gaming World
Electronic Gaming Monthly
Nintendo Power
Now Playing

I think that’s it. I’ve been buying EDGE and Hardcore Gamer Magazine off the newsstand lately. I’m probably going to subscribe to both of those too.


Wired, which is starting to grate on me because it’s sooooo hip and cool :roll:

Discover, which is starting to grate on me to a lesser degree because…it’s not hip enough I guess…

Computer Games, which is a fun read

I think I need a new Wiredish one, can anyone recommend something?

Only the New Yorker — which just keeps getting better. Recently, they’ve had excellent long articles about the history and heterogeneity of the charismatic/evangelical movement, profiles of big-shot chefs and how they work, in-depth analyses of Justice Scalia’s legal thinking and of how Justice Kennedy’s international contacts and knowledge of world law are being held against him by the radical right, and short stories by George Saunders, who’s one of the funniest writers I’ve ever read.

I get all my gaming news right here!

MOJO–greatest music magazine in nearly 30 years, since Lester Bangs edited CREEM or Leg McNeil was doing PUNK.

New Yorker


I only subscribe to Fortean Times and MAKE, but I read these fairly often:

Mother Jones
New Scientist
Shaman’s Drum

Elle. For the pictures.

Some PS2 magazine
Another game magazine that covers mostly consoles…don’t remember the name (they’re all the same anyway)
The occasional PC Gamer
American Bungalow
Giant Robot
The Big Takeover

Computer Games Magazine
Computer Gaming World
PC Gamer
The Hockey News

I’ve got a sub for Bon Appetit. Lots of great gourmet recipes and a ton of articles about eateries around the country. I live the stylish culinary night life vicariously through them.

And I used to have a sub to FRUiTS – a Japanese street fashion magazine. Maybe I’m just a really big Japanophile or something, but I just found this book so intriguing. Steady stream of cute asian girls aside, I always thought the fashion one finds on Japanese youth interesting. You’ll almost never see things like this in the US. And most of it doesn’t even delve into the styles that have become well known like Gothic Lolita. A lot of it is just so … random.

But really, as much as I enjoyed it, I couldn’t justify the $126 cost for a yearly subscription of 12 issues (though each issue is pretty big).