U.S. News and World REport
PC GAmer
This Old House
PC Magazine
Entertainment Weekly

Usually what happens is the renewal notice comes and I pay it without thinking about it. If I wanted to get serious about it I’d probably dump all of them except Entertainment Weekly, Wired and Newsweek. Those three are the only ones I read cover to cover.

fine homebuilding.

and i’m thinking about picking up journal of light construction.

PC gamers
Computer Games Magazine
Computer Gaming World
Game Informer

Entertainment Weekly
MAKE (PLug! Read my piece in MAKE 4!)
Wired (which i kinda hate but kinda love)
Retro Gamer, the best god damn mag I’ve read in a loooooong time. Too bad it’s brit and therefore expensive.

Campaigns & Elections (get and read)
Home & Away (get because I have AAA, toss unread)

And also cancelled now. :(

Retro Gamer cancelled? Bummer.

If anyone has old issues sitting in a closet, I’d be more than happy to pay you real American dollars for them.

As for Make, love it, but ouch, that cover price…

My own list:
Air & Space
Maximum PC
Atlantic Monthly
Aviation Week & Space Technology
Popular Photography

Car & Driver
Planning to sign up for The Economist when I move house in a few weeks.
Used to get Architectural Digest, but dumped it the moment I found Dwell. AD is full of the most horrific frou-frou, with contemporary design a rare treat.

MAKE isn’t that bad, and a year sub for four issues is just fine. You’re comparing the price of a year sub versus AW&ST?? :)

— Alan

Gamefan. We always get hooked into getting the Gamestop discount card that includes the subscription. I don’t really read it, just scan the headlines and look at the screenshots.

Sports Illustrated. One of the better written magazines out there.

That’s about it, other than women’s magazines at the checkout line at the grocery store so I can read about all the pleasure spots I didn’t know I had. Please Your Man in Seventeen New Ways, women!

What? You’re reading the magazine that single-handedly destroyed CGM with its reviled pre-launch inserts?

Or was that the console section?