Magic Mike

Is there no thread for this movie? I searched around, but didn’t see anything.

Well, I saw it, and actually liked it a lot. I’m a big Tatum fan; loved him in 21 Jump Street and even find him enjoyable in movies that I don’t especially like (Step Up etc.). He really does a great job carrying this movie. The movie is surprisingly dark; I came in expecting a lighthearted chick flick about a male stripper, and that’s not entirely the case.

Matthew Mcconaughey does an awesome job as the older guy running the strip club (okay, it might not require a huge range, but he nails the part.The dance/stripping scenes are actually pretty well choreographed, and the female lead is likable.

I definitely recommend it, but it’s not perfect. In the middle it slows down a bit, and it kind of fizzles out at the end.

I give this film 3 out of 5 penis pumps.

I took the girlfriends of my buddies to see this. I think I was one of only three guys in a sold out theater full of screaming women. One of the girls ordered me something called a banana hammock and I drank it. I also ate creme brulee and some strawberry crepes.

The ending was complete rubbish though, made to comfort the housewives who were feeling guilty for watching this film.

This movie is OK. Starts quite strong but it’s all downhill from there. The lack of a plot or any kind of resolution were big problems, as was the niceness of Tatum’s character (which completely defused the only dramatic arc in the film). The dances and stripping shows were fun.

Also, the film would be about 1000% better if Cody Horn (the female lead) wasn’t the worst actress I’ve ever seen.

When we first meet her, she seems like a kind of minor character (sister to the young man Tatum befriends), and I thought, “wow, she’s pretty bad, but soon we’ll be back to the stripper action, no worries.” And for a bit, I thought that was that. But I soon realized, with mounting dread, that this film was going to feature her prominently, and that she would be an emotional pivot for Tatum (who is incredibly charming, sexy, fun, and compelling to watch).

She has a series of reaction shots that are so barren of feeling, life, emotion, vitality, or spirit that I hope they are studied for years. How can a living person be so devoid of affect? Sliding glass doors would not open for her.

Double post, opportunity for DANCE

What?! NO! My wife and her friends are going to see this tonight, and I can’t be having her guilt at seeing this being comforted! :)

Steven Soderbergh directed this? Huh.

No worries, man. I’m sure you’re still going to get laid anyway.

I can’t be friends with you any more. I thought she was adorable, real, and the perfect contrast to the rest of the cast.

I also don’t think I can be friends with Lunch of Kong anymore, since I really liked the ending. I love endings in which two characters just have a conversation. When the characters are as appealing as Channing Tatum and Codie Horn’s characters, all the better.


I don’t know Tom, Lunch of Kong’s opinions seems pretty damn awesome to me.

Cody Horn approves of everything in this thead except for stuff Giaddon wrote:


Haha yeah, I was one out of 2 dudes in a theater of around 100. I knew it was going to be primarily a female audience, but I really thought more guys would at least be dragged to it.

I liked Horn, she seemed relatively believable. My biggest problem with the relationship was that we didn’t really see it build. You basically see the two hang out and flirt a little bit, but then he just jumps ship completely for her. Fortunately, I thought Tatum and Horn had pretty good chemistry, so that definitely helped.

looks like a tranny version of meg ryan with bad skin.

Yeah! And I fucked 'er.

That’s not a very nice thing to say, JMJ.

What are you talking about? It’s the ultimate compliment!

He’s a wag, Kong. A wag!

Dat ass! And Olivia Munn’s breasts!

Totally agree. The cuts back and forth between Tatum’s routine and Horn’s reactions the first time she goes to the club was one of my favorite scenes. And I liked the ending too. And pretty much everything about this movie. And Kevin Nash a stripper well past his prime was pretty inspired. Watching him barely dance through all the group routines was another highlight.

At least, that’s the kind of thing I imagine I’d post if I couldn’t sleep one night and decided “Well, no one’s around to make fun of me at this hour, I guess I’ll watch Magic Mike”. Theoretically.

Ha ha, you watched Magic Mike. (High five!)


If 2009-ish me was here, he’d be saying something like “Okay, I’m sorta coming around on Tom Cruise, but no way am I going to eventually love Channing Tatum and Matthew McCounaughey.”