Magic Online M10 League Signup Thread

Thanks to everybody who contributed ideas for how to make this league work.


This league is for people who want to play Magic in a casual, fair environment with balanced card pools. In order to play you’ll need a copy of Magic Online (free download) and must be willing to spend $10-$30. Both newcomers and oldtimers are welcome to join in the fun.

When you sign up a new account starting tomorrow, you should receive 1 M10 booster, 2 event tickets, 150 basic land, and 150 additional M10 cards in the form of 5 preconstructed decks. This will cost $10.

You may purchase up to 5 addtional M10 boosters at $4 apiece.

For those who are familiar with Magic Online, I would recommend doing a Sealed Deck event with these 6 boosters, as you’re going to be opening them anyways. Note that if you win prize boosters, you may not open them to add to your league account card pool until In-Flux rules allow it (see the Rules section below).


  1. Must open new account with a name ending in _M10QT3L sometime on or after Wednesday, Aug 5th, 2009. You should also join the QT3 clan (which I believe is led by Vesper). Post your account name in this thread.

  2. Build whatever 60 card decks with 15 card sideboards you wish with a combination of the new account cards and up to 6 additional M10 boosters.

  3. Starting on August 21st you may optionally add one additional M10 booster to your cards. Every two weeks after that you may add one more, up to a maximum of 12 total boosters.

  4. There is no “close date” for registration. At any time new people can come in, as long as they do not open more than the current maximum number of boosters.

  5. You may not trade or purchase outside cards to augment your league deck(s).

  6. You MAY trade within the league, although this is not required in any way.

  7. Please do not try and abuse the league, as much of what will transpire will be on the honor system and the purpose is to let people have fun with Magic without needing to build Top 8 caliber netdecks that cost hundreds of dollars to compete.

That’s pretty much it. Hope to see you online!

I’m in, of course. :) I’ll try to be online in evenings again to get the invites flowing.

I suppose I should signup for the league as well. It sounds awesome!


I’m in.

I am in, I was planning to buy the packs anyway for a release event…

I want to be in, but my attempt at getting into the Alara League has been abortively cut off by my utter and complete lack of time to play both Magic and World of Warcraft at the same time and still watch my meager summer television schedule without having to learn to operate my eyes independently of one another. I’ve got two weeks coming up when WoW will be less of an issue (regular player going on vacation), though, so…geh. I’ll see if I can get the account creation service to accept the coupon code I got from the first time I signed up and couldn’t get the coupon code to go in.

I will be there!

I’ll be online tonight for invites and games.

I’m in. Downloading the new update now too.

Hey Reldan, your first post mentions 5 boosters in one part, and 6 in another… 5 is the final number right?

It must be a typo since he suggests running a 6 pack sealed event.

Edit: Ah wait, you are supposed to get one booster pack included with your starting set up now so buy five more then.

I think I shall try this out. I will update when i’ve got everything figured out. Haven’t Magic’d in a while. Also, when I have money to buy into the tournament :P

A friend of mine is getting in on this league also… username is Palegrhim_M10QT3L.

Account up and running CSL_M10QT3L. Oh and btw I managed to get a $10 coupon still, so I got in all those 300 cards, three sealed M10 boosters, and 4 event tickets right now for $10 total.

I’m thinking exactly the same thing… am still deciding.

— Alan

I shall join you. I can’t resist.

Perhaps I’ll even manage to spell my name right this time.


I’ll join too. Account name will be moyzan_M10QT3L.

Hey guys… need to know exact usernames for those who aren’t in the clan yet, so I can watch for you to invite.

I’d like to join as well.

I’m signed up. Can someone add me?